Joy Space
JOY SPACE is a collective of holistic wellness practitioners and community activation space. It was created out of a belief that our individual wellbeing is linked to the collective, and our collective wellbeing is linked to the individual. ‍ The more we liberate ourselves as individuals, the more we liberate the collective. JOY is a...
The Shala ~ Yoga on the Move
The Shala is the homebase of the Yoga on the Move collective. After teaching outdoor classes at unique spots all over Berlin, they are now also inviting you to their own studio in Schöneberg. They have created a space where everyone can feel welcome, beginners and advanced yogis – a safe harbour for their community....
Michelberger Hotel
Michelberger Hotel is home to Lift Off – an event series featuring Kundalini Yoga, talks and live music.
VANI is a collaborative community creating a space of various spiritual and secular practices to come together in a safe and conscious frame. The workshops we offer address all individuals who want to embark on a journey to their authentic selves, those who want to grow and heal, to experience deeper awareness and vulnerability through...
The Life Barn
A modern studio for well-being. The Life Barn offers yoga, pilates and meditation classes and workshops.
O · YOGA Schöneberg
O·YOGA ist ein Zentrum für ganzheitliche Heilarbeit, Yoga und Pilates Yogaarten: + Kundalini Yoga + Hatha Yoga + Yin Yoga + Tri Yoga® Flows + Shiva Shakti Yoga + Lu Jong + ganzheitliche Heilarbeit: + Physiotherapie + Massage + Ayurveda + Craniosacrale Therapie + Osteopathie + mediale Heilkunst + Fußreflexzonentherapie + Liebscher und Bracht Schmerztherapie
Gartenlabor is a community garden project, facilitated by KulturLabor Trial&Error e.V.
Theatre, community kitchen, school, living room located in Schillerkiez, Neukölln.
Village Berlin
The Village is a community center that offers a safe space for gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and/or sexually diverse men.