original feelings studio

original feelings is a place, where you can meet your feelings through yoga and beyond.

Every day, everyone is experiencing different feelings. Life can be complex, and we should ask our mind and our body more often: What do you need to feel better?

Inspired by happiness, lightness, sadness, lostness, fear or anger, we want you to embrace any of these emotions. At original feelings we invite you to engage with the whole palette of feelings. Be our guest and let us help you to energize, calm or balance your mind.

another day, another feeling, another yoga practice.

We stand for a soulful yoga practice. For us that means, that our classes are not labeled in yoga-styles. Your state of mind will decide which original feelings class will be best for you on that day. Our seasoned teachers will help you flow towards a holistic positive body experience.

open your mind and fascia.

Our all-embracing studio is complemented by osteopathic treatments. You’ll notice that we strive to bring you a sustainable and long-lasting experience.

let go, embrace or change, whatever feels honest to you.

Beginners, Yogis, Strangers and Lovers: Check in with your feelings, look on our schedule and experience our space of trust, self-love and growth.

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    Graefestraße 71, 10967 Berlin
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