Michelberger Hotel
Michelberger Hotel is home to Lift Off – an event series featuring Kundalini Yoga, talks and live music.
VANI is a collaborative community creating a space of various spiritual and secular practices to come together in a safe and conscious frame. The workshops we offer address all individuals who want to embark on a journey to their authentic selves, those who want to grow and heal, to experience deeper awareness and vulnerability through...
The Life Barn
A modern studio for well-being. The Life Barn offers yoga, pilates and meditation classes and workshops.
O · YOGA Schöneberg
O·YOGA ist ein Zentrum für ganzheitliche Heilarbeit, Yoga und Pilates Yogaarten: + Kundalini Yoga + Hatha Yoga + Yin Yoga + Tri Yoga® Flows + Shiva Shakti Yoga + Lu Jong + ganzheitliche Heilarbeit: + Physiotherapie + Massage + Ayurveda + Craniosacrale Therapie + Osteopathie + mediale Heilkunst + Fußreflexzonentherapie + Liebscher und Bracht Schmerztherapie
STUDIO 3.8 is an off-site space and private retreat for creators, thought leaders and decision makers – at the waterfront in Berlin Rummelsburg.
Gartenlabor is a community garden project, facilitated by KulturLabor Trial&Error e.V.
Theatre, community kitchen, school, living room located in Schillerkiez, Neukölln.
Village Berlin
The Village is a community center that offers a safe space for gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and/or sexually diverse men.
Har Studio
HAR STUDIO is a space for creativity. Har is one of the aspects of God—the Creative Infinity. Yogi Bhajan said, “Har is a Shakti Yog mantra, Har is the original God, and sometimes, if you chant just that one word, Har, with me, you will realize God in just a couple of seconds.”
Yoga Hub Berlin
Yoga Hub Berlin is a peaceful, quite, unique yoga studio where people from different nationalities can practice yoga in an affordable price and in English. Yoga Hub Berlin is a safe, open minded, colorful and fun space for everyone, regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation or skin color.