Avant Garden Life Events

Seasonal Herbalism – Autumn: Colds, Flus and Fire Tonics
October 13, 2019
Seasonal changes affect not only the world around us, but also our physical body. Sometimes this causes particular conditions, such as allergies in the warmer months or colds and flus in the cooler months. As the plants grow and flourish or retreat and hibernate so do our bodies. If we learn to flow through the...
Sustainability, Circularity & Herbalism: Part IV Compost Colours
October 22, 2019
P R I M I T I V K O L L E K T I V presents ‘Sustainability, Circularity & Herbalism’, a series of workshops in collaboration with Isla Coffee Berlin The series is focused on sharing traditional, environmental and practical insights within herbalism in the prevention of waste. We work with raw and...
Sensory Herbalism and Yoga Nidra
September 23, 2019
An afternoon combining herbal medicine and Yoga Nidra We will dive into the softness of the body and deep relaxation with herbalism and Yoga Nidra on this year’s Autumn Equinox. Fee: 35€ (limited places) booking through Emilie: emilielindsten@gmail.com Yoga Nidra is a practice that allows for healing, relaxation and creativity. During this intimate afternoon, Tash...