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Cabana Ritual (Purification Lodge)
May 8, 2021
This is an invitation to enter the Womb of Mother Earth and to dive into a profound and intense process of purification. The Medicine of Cabana (Purification lodge) is an ancient medicine of the Four Elements. It is also known as the Medicine of Grand Mother Spider, who is weaving Her web of Consciousness. The...
Full Moon Womb Circle
January 28, 2021
Zum Jahresanfang beginnen wir den Frauenkreis mit der Vollmondin im Zeichen der Löwin. Wir stäken uns mit frischen Energien und pellen ganz langsam die Winter-Energien von uns ab. Schicht für Schicht, Atemzug für Atemzug. Unsere Körper werden langsam wieder wacher und lebendiger. Wir unterstützen sie dabei und verbinden uns im Kreis mit dem Thema SELBSTWIRKSAMKEIT. Wir erinnern uns...
Forgiveness Circle
August 20, 2020
Initated by Don Miguel Ruiz (The 4 agreements) and Olivier Clerc (founder of the International forgiveness association), the Forgiveness circle is a beautiful healing ritual of the heart, simple and yet powerful. With a transpersonal approach, the circle gives you the opportunity to forgive others and yourself, including those who are not present, without having...
Voicing circle, Urban Ritual
June 29, 2020
Breathing & Voicing exploration! For anyone interested to unlock or deepen expressivity through the voice and presence!!! Twice a week In the Holographic Healing Nest, Kreuzberg Eisenbahnstr.11 Monday: 10:00 to 11h30 Wednesday: 10:00 to 11h30 Price: 10 to 15 euros Reservation: joriscamelin@gmail.com website: https://www.joriscamelin.com/ Let me know, Very much looking Forward! Exploring your voice and yourself...