Meditation Events

Meditation with Sound Immersion
August 9, 2019
During this meditation we invite you to get in contact with the depths of your Self. Through live electronic music we create an environment of complete immersion. Here the fundamental nature of sound is used with meditation guidance to bypass your mind, connecting you to your own source. This is an effective way to gain...
LION YOGA RAJ / Mindfulness & Meditation in theory & practice
October 7, 2019
MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION IN THEORY & PRACTICE Weekly MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION sessions with a short theoretical introduction into different meditation systems, the philosophy of meditation, diverse techniques and the practical realization of selected elementary meditations and exercises. ACHTSAMKEIT & MEDITATION IN THEORIE & PRACTICE Wöchentliche ACHTSAMKEITS & MEDITATION sessions mit jeweils einer kurzen theoretischen Einführung...
Wide Awake – Yoga Nidra
August 22, 2019
Come and join Wide Awake for an evening full of relaxation, connection and a bit of yummy chocolate. Dive deep into the state of Yoga Nidra, where our physical bodies are fully relaxed, yet our mind is present and exploring our inner world. Experience this unique state of mind and reconnect to the ultimate source....
The Zentury – Jion’s Zen Course
August 25, 2019
To practice meditation with others the teaching of Zen is essential. We are the most human when we support one another and connect to ourselves simultaneously. Breathing air in and out together, we are empowered. What matters is to practice and remember unity with others. To practice alone, can often lead us to separate ourselves...