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How to Make Your Own Kombucha
January 23, 2020
Are you ready to welcome your new family member? We are delighted to announce the details about our upcoming Kombucha Workshop on January 23rd. Never hesitate to come back to us in case of questions and feel free to spread the word. What you can expect: Learn How To Make Your Own Kombucha * Learn...
Berlin Food Futures
January 21, 2020
— PLEASE SIGN UP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET A TICKET & ENSURE THAT YOU’RE ON THE LIST — https://berlin-food-futures.eventbrite.com Join us for conversations on alternative protein, food waste, supermarket co-ops, urban farming, and more practical solutions on the future of food. The event, hosted by OpenIDEO Berlin Chapter, aspires to bring food innovators, experts, and...
Workshop: Make Porcelain Plates in Moabit
January 11, 2020
In this porcelain workshop, you will get to know the basic porcelain hand-building and slab construction techniques. You will work using existing molds, shapes and templates to design your own porcelain plate set. Porcelain is a wonderful noble and ductile material that allows transparency and especially fine work. The special white color allows you to...
Workshop “Clean, Clear & Conscious” with Jennifer Mann
January 1, 2020
Workshop “Clean, Clear & Conscious” with Jennifer Mann on Jan 01, 15.00-17.30 The first Hatha Yogis treated the body as a holy place, the home of the Soul. They discovered that purifying the body – freeing up stagnant energy through movement and detoxifying practices – enabled them to become more transparent to the divine light...
Tarot Before New Times
December 23, 2019
Tarot de Berlin will be hosting a day of TAROT in a cosy environment to wrap up 2019 together and welcome the 2020 new child year together. Time slots of 1 hour so please pm for your desired time. There will be raw cacao & herbal tea for you.
“Pausing for a clear vision of 2020” with Valérie Hartwich
December 26, 2019
In this workshop we will pause, breathe and feel, making space to explore the desires and needs that long to manifest for the year ahead. We will practise a mixture of soft somatic movements, yin and restorative yoga, as well as pranayama and guided meditation to connect deeply with the softer layers of our beings....
Yoga trifft Psyche – Die weise Kreative
January 25, 2020
******************************** SARASVATI: DIE WEISE KREATIVE ******************************** Mit dem WUNDERVOLLEN WEIBLICHKEITS-WORKSHOP für Frauen* kannst du DEIN Jahr 2020 kraftvoll und bewusst beginnen. Mithilfe einer Kombination aus psychotherapeutisch angeleiteter Selbsterfahrung und Yoga, kannst Du in unserem Workshop DEINE WEIBLICHE INTUITION erkunden und DEINE SPRUDELNDE QUELLE DER KREATIVITÄT in Dein Leben integrieren. Inspiriert von der hinduistischen Göttin Sarasvati,...
DIY Zero Waste Christmas Gifts
December 12, 2019
Prenzlauer Berg
Let`s meet and craft some beautiful Christmas gifts together. We will use the waste wood which will make your crafting experience unique. Every piece of wood is different and it is up to you what you make of it. I will help you with my ideas and tools. This will help you to make more...
Ayurveda und Healing: Schilddrüsen-Balance
December 7, 2019
WILLKOMMEN DU WUNDERVOLLE FRAU Du bist hier richtig, wenn du unter Schilddrüsenproblemen leidest, wenn du eine Unterfunktion hast, Knoten in der Schilddrüse oder eine Hashimoto-Thyreoiditis. ♥ SELBST-EMPOWERMENT DURCH SCHILDDRÜSEN-BALANCE ♥ ♥ FÜR DICH EINSTEHEN. IN DEINER MITTE STEHEN. PRÄSENT SEIN ♥ IN DIESEM WORKSHOP LERNST DU – Wofür die Schilddrüse steht – Welche Rolle die...
Seasonal Herbalism – Winter: Uplifting and Digesting
December 1, 2019
Oh! Dark cold days, stuck in heated apartments, with little excitement or respite from the outside world. Often we turn to heavy foods over the festive season, for comfort as much as tradition. In this workshop we will be concentrating on how to protect and uplift us during the bitter winter months, so that we...