Gathering Events

June 19, 2021
IN COLLABORATION WITH BRENN x DOSE OF PLEASURE x COVEN COLLECTIVE Special Assistance with Apricot Productions #SAQUEERLIVES There has been numerous hate crimes on queer lives happening in South Africa due to bigotry, discrimination and hate for being “queer.” This Pride Month, we take this time to remember that every life is precious and say...
In Person Men’s Circle | The Circle of Men
June 17, 2021
Free mens circle in treptower park! Guys, let’s talk. It’s been a crazy year, and we are very happy to finally be able to meet in person once again. Feel free to bring a yoga mat and blanket to sit on and something to share, such as tea, beverages or snacks. Please be on time...
Jade Jams
July 1, 2021
Join Soneiro Collective for a unique jam experience We gather together to explore the sonic world. Creating a safe space to experiment and jam with our voice, therapeutic instruments, melodic instruments and rhythm. Journey with us in this interactive journey of sound creation. Program 17.-18.00 : Welcome, Theme, Intention, Cacao 18.-20.00 : The Jam 20.-20.30...
Healing Circle for BIPOC Men
May 22, 2021
Let’s get together and share different views and traumas on living in this culture. Being a BIPOC Man in this society brings different challenges. Letting go of our toxic masculinity and explore our sustainable masculinity. We come together as brothers, as men. This is a safe space and everything that happens in this safe space...
Harvest Moon Gathering  (collective dream experience)
May 26, 2021
“The Moon herself symbolizes our inner world, what happens in the dark, our unconscious, the hidden and habitual.” New moons are said to be the secret doorway to the infinite garden of dreams, transcendence and transformation. Within its darkness lies the depths of our unconscious. The new moon may not be visible in the night sky, nevertheless its energies...