Dance & Movement Events

Conscious Dance Festival – Online Edition #4
May 16, 2021
Let’s dance one more time before our summer break at the Online Edition of the Conscious Dance Festival. This time we have curated a totally new program so every time you participate you get to meet new facilitators, musicians and approaches to conscious movement. As long as the magical (physical) places where we meet to...
Voice of the Womb – Shining a light on the TONGUE
April 24, 2021
In the following course we are going to focus primarily on the TONGUE. The tongue represents the part of us that is concerned with the issues of truth and desire. When the tongue is free from tension, our drive for perfection relaxes and we learn to accept our own imperfections, as well as those of...
Feel Free – Spring Awakening Journey
April 10, 2021
It’s finally time to shake off the winter lethargy and to welcome the spring and all the growing, transforming and creating energy. In this online workshop Sarah and Uta invite you to connect to your holistic self, which includes body, mind and breath. To begin with we will shortly explain you about the benefits of...
Continuum Kurs – Dynamik, Spiel & Kraft
January 20, 2021
Continuum ist bekannt für seinen Fokus auf Verlangsamung und feine, tiefe Spürerfahrungen, die in ein selbstregulatorisches und unwillkürliches Bewegtwerden übergehen. Weniger bekannt ist die Art in der Continuum zu Dynamik und kräftigeren Bewegungsimpulsen einlädt, mit den verschiedensten Bezügen zur Schwerkraft spielt und so einerseits einen spannenden Kontrast zum Zulassen von Bewegungen schafft und man sich...
Movement Medicine
October 13, 2020
Raum und Zeit, deinen lieben Körper zu wecken, zu dehnen, zu strecken und Herz, Geist und Seele einzuladen darin zu wohnen. In diesem Raum bist du willkommen, wie du bist. Musik aus allen Ecken dieser Welt unterstützt dich dabei, die natürliche Lebenskraft deines bewegten Körpers wiederzuentdecken und vollkommen Ja zu ihr zu sagen. In diesem...
Trance Dance + Gong Bath
October 8, 2020
Prenzlauer Berg
*This event will comply with the latest COVID-19 regulations from the Berlin Senate. In the unlikely event that the restrictions are tightened before October 8, all ticket holders will receive a full refund. It has been a topsy turvy year but we’re still alive and kicking and so Spectral Solas is offering a 3-part winter...
AbunDance // Indoors Cyclical DanceWave
October 4, 2020
We choose to dance these crazy times with gentle grace and wild love for movement and music. Join us for an evening full of Dance, Music and Togetherness: Breathe in. Dance out. Everything is here. Everything is in Motion. Everything is you. Everything is possible. AbunDance is at home in the field of Conscious Dance...
Movement as a healing art- Therapeutic Dance
September 25, 2020
Movement as a healing art is an approach between dance, mindfulness, embodiment, and all kinds of somatic movement practices. The journey begins with the body awareness practice, then tap into a mindful embodied movement exercise, ultimately, liberate the body to move what the body wants to express. The main focus is to awake the body...
Ice Baths & Breathwork + Ecstatic Dance
September 13, 2020
Early Bird Ticket: 20 € Regular Ticket: 40 € Only Ecstatic Dance: 15 € Only Ice Bath: 25 € Please follow this link to choose your ticket: Full power energy reboot with ice baths, breathwork and movement! Make an awesome new experience and try out our full power energy reboot with ice baths, breathwork...
Taichi & Qigong am Gleisdreieck
September 5, 2020
Jeden Samstag Taichi & Qigong Unterricht am U-Bhf. Gleisdreieck! Anmeldung & Informationen: oder PM