Dance & Movement Events

Afro Cuban dance therapy at Victoriapark
July 13, 2020
Dancing can be much more than just movements and this is the underlying essence of dance motion therapy (DMT) where we aim at reaching a level of consciousness in our dancing which would have positive effects on our physical as well as mental wellbeing, also possibly dealing with the spiritual connotations of dancing individually and...
URBAN AFRO – Studio Class and Online Class with Daybee Dee
June 9, 2020
Wir sind wieder zurück – wenn auch nur mit 7 Teilnehmern vor Ort! Keinen Platz mehr bekommen? Kein Problem! Du kannst weiterhin den Unterricht von zu Hause aus mit der Online Klasse verfolgen! Der Schwerpunkt von Daybees Tanzkurs liegt darauf, die Einflüsse der karibischen, europäischen, afrikanischen und lateinamerikanischen Tanzkultur zu kontextualisieren und mit der Urban-...
Together We Change Feat. Ecstatic Dance Berlin
June 2, 2020
Wir freuen uns *** mega *** auf unsere dritte Together We Change Demo. Dieses Mal *** feat. Ecstatic Dance Berlin ***: Lasst uns zusammenkommen und durch Meditation, Gesang und Tanz für das einzutreten, für das wir stehen: ein wahrlich menschliches Miteinander, Lebensfreude und die Power, unser eigenes und unser aller Leben selbst positiv zu gestalten!...
Healing Embodiment with Yaara Dolev
May 19, 2020
ZOOM LINK: Yaara Dolev is a Certified Gaga Teacher from Berlin, Germany. “Healing Embodiment” sessions are about integrating her Gaga practice with the beautiful wisdoms from the Tree of Life. Under the teachings of Kabbalah, there is the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life carries ten main aspects (The Ten “Sefirot”) from the...
Online Class / Art of Movement – WERK
May 6, 2020
Event details: WERK is a dance ritual designed to get you in your body, while helping you to develop somatic awareness, body autonomy and knowledge of how to self regulate your nervous system in times of stress and anxiety. WERK is open to everyone but we specifically invite and create space for Queer, Trans, Indigenous,...
LIVE Spiral Motion Class
May 10, 2020
“Move with Grace and Breath“ Join the spiral motion class LIVE on Facebook from @monopolberlin where we are going to discover the seven natural elements of spinal motion and the so called “seed center“. The “seed center” is located in the center of the body, approximately between the umbilicus and the pubic bone. It is...
Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual
February 28, 2020
::::::::SHAMANIC TRANCE DANCE RITUAL:::::::: In complete darkness (blindfold), and guided by the Inner Flame that guides you on the Path. We will open a space for deep release and connection to ourselves. Through intuitive dance, movement, trust and surrender. Everybody welcome. ♥♥♥ :::ENERGY EXCHANGE : Donation based : between 15€-20€-25€ Giving from your heart &...
Ecstatic Dance ✦ SIKO ✦ African Fusion ✦ Soundhealing
February 16, 2020
ECSTATIC DANCE SUNDAY 11h Afro Latin Fusion Fundamentals :: Sabina Celeste 12h Ecstatic Dance :: SIKO 14:00 Soundhealing :: Erdevi FlorAmor Medicine Music 14:20 Closing Circle Check out our beautiful space with terrace onto the Spree river! We dance on bare feet. With awareness. In a vital space. ~ Embodied Spiritual Peak Experience with Full...
AbunDance // Imbolc Ritual Special
January 31, 2020
Friday January 31 you are warmly invited by Anir Leben & DJ Alma ∞ Omega to Dance in the Return of the LIGHT On the Juicy eve of the ancient holiday of Imbolc, we dedicate our wild-spirits and our succulent-dances to the VERY first dawning & awakening of Spring in our AbunDance Imbolc Ritual Special....
BodyLove Werq-Shoppe – Valentines Day Edition!
February 13, 2020
BodyLove offers a safe and supportive space for women to explore the power of our Bodies through creative and sensual movement. This Workshop will teach the fundamentals of Floorwork, an element of Pole Dance, and use these techniques to tap into our organic, intuitive flow, creating greater awareness, strength and authentic expression in our bodies...