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Primitivkollektiv Circle III
October 24, 2020
About the Circle // Autumn is upon us and as we witness the visible changing of the season, we invite you to gather in the forest to continue our exploration of Inner Landscapes. A forest is a power place for connecting – it represents the deep mystery of nature and a connection to the patterns...
Kali New Moon Trance Journey with FlorAmor and Marc Miethe
September 18, 2020
This New Moon Medicine Music Ceremony is offered to the Great Goddess of Transformation, Sri Kaliyai Namah. ~ BETWEEN THE TRANCE AND ECSTASY ~ We celebrate the cosmic momentum of New Moon, deep energetic withdrawal: the extended Drum & Didgeridoo Seance (Marc Miethe), accompanied by the icaro-like voice wizardry (FlorAmor) is the core of this...
Dancing with Despair: Grief Circle
September 8, 2020
There is a special kind of magic that occurs when we come together as a collective to hold and honour our pain and sorrow. And the more we can allow our griefs to flow freely though us, the more open we become to give and receive love. On this evening we will come together as...
Full Moon Circle – Earth Yoni Blessing
September 2, 2020
Prenzlauer Berg
Herzlich Willkommen, du schöne Frau*! Dieses Event findet live statt mit maximal 10 Teilnehmerinnen und ist verbunden mit dem Earth Yoni Blessing & der Weltweiten Vollmond Meditation von Miranda Gray und der Womb Blessing Community. Wir werden uns gemeinsam verbinden, in unseren Körpern tiefer landen, unserem Spüren Raum geben und unsere Ressourcen aktivieren. Elemente des...
Honne:// Create – Conscious Cacao Sense Ceremony
August 29, 2020
Prenzlauer Berg
Honne is an invitation to celebrate the full electric potential of life through the medium of our senses. It is an invitation to throw off isolation and reconnect to joy, presence, awe and each other. Following our sold-out first edition which took us to the rooftop of an architectural wonder to let go of that...
Berlin: Kirtan Salon with Ceremonial Cacao
August 19, 2020
ENGLISH BELOW Dieser Kirtan wird in leicht verstaendlichem Englisch gehalten und ist groesstenteils Mantra-Gesang mit Musik, man kommt also auch ohne jegliche Englisch-Kenntnisse aus.    ABOUT KIRTAN & CACAO    Kirtan means going Within through the power of Heartfelt, Ecstatic Mantra Chanting. It is not a religious practice, but part of Bhakti Yoga, an ancient Science of...
Metamorphosis •New Moon Cacao Drum Journey•
August 18, 2020
Dear Loves, Are you craving a deeper connection to your heart? Are you longing for a newfound connection to the Earth? Do you want to connect to group of people also passionate about transformation? * Metamorphosis is for you. * Prepare for this fiery New Moon in Leo with a journey of movement, drumming sounds,...
healing circle – transformational ceremony
August 14, 2020
Dear Loves, I invite you for a ceremony to connect and heal your heart and roots to earth through a sharing circle, guided breathwork, dance and chanting in sacred space. My call is to gather us in community in sacred space, women and men to release, dance wildly, breath, be vulnerable, held, seen, and heard....
Cacao Meditation & Sound Journey
July 25, 2020
Prenzlauer Berg
EINE EINZIGARTIGE KLANGREISE MIT CACAO *English scroll down* Zusammen mit unsere Soneiro Team laden wir euch zu dieser ganz besonderen Reise in die Welt des Klangs und Cacaos ein. Getragen wird diese Meditation von einer Meditationsleitung, die tief in den Herzraum führt. Die Resonanz des Harmoniums, Crystal Klangschalen und Stimme wird uns durch die Meditation...
HerzKlangKakao – Openair Kakaozeremonie mit Babek, Anna & Omer
July 14, 2020
HerzKlangKakao – Kakaozeremonie mit Livemusik unter freiem Himmel mit Babek Bodien, Anna & Omer ***English version below *** Wir laden dich ein, zu einer Reise in dein Herz und zur Verbundenheit in Gemeinschaft. Dadurch nähren wir uns und können mit unserem intuitiven Wissen in Verbindung treten. Begleitet wird diese Reise durch Musik und zeremoniellen Kakao....