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Blue Monkey Day of the Dead w/Alma Omega, Viviana Druga & Sauna
November 2, 2019
A conscious celebration of the dead and the living. With: Juicy dance music: Alma ∞ Omega Day of the Dead Ceremony: Viviana Druga Readings from the Tibetan Book of the Dead: Secret River Sound Journey: Goran Chloupek Gaura Kundalini Yoga: Karolina Darshan Sacred Sauna, nourishing soup and drinks: Urban Healing Unit “Remember the clear light,...
Cacao & Mantra mit Leni Maylea & Mara
October 27, 2019
Prenzlauer Berg
Wir vereinen ein weiteres Mal die heilsame Kraft des zeremoniellen Cacaos und die des Mantra Singens. Freut euch auf einen Abend voller Magie, Musik, Tanz und Cacao-Genuss. Lasst uns wie die Kinder zusammenkommen, uns ohne Vorurteile begegnen, gemeinsam stark und verletzlich zeigen und zuhause in unseren Herzen ankommen. Warum Cacao? Zeremonieller Cacao hat weltweit hohe...
Blue Monkey Erntedank Spa/w UKIK, Mikal Aton, Ritual & Sauna
October 2, 2019
PRE SALE tickets: SOLD OUT CHECK IN (ABENDKASSE) Tickets: AVAILABLE (but limited) There should be still enough. Don’t be too late though as we want to start On TIME and it looks like we will sell out. CONSCIOUS ERNTEDANK CELEBRATION With enchanting ecstatic dance tunes by Ukik and ambient by Mikal Aton Shamanic Gratitude Ceremony...
Shaktipat Kundalini Awakening Ritual
September 13, 2019
Kabira welcomes you to the highest Tantric Ritual: Shaktipat. An ancient Indian Kundalini awakening ceremony. The event includes: ~ A guided opening meditation ~ Chanting with Live music ~ Q&A on Shaktipat & Kundalini ~ Shaktipat Ritual Expect an intimate gathering, with a strong energetical base, heart-opening and receiving exactly what’s right for you. SHAKTIPAT...
Mantra Singing & Medicine Songs
September 28, 2019
Breathwork is a highly attuned meditative gateway into expanded states of consciousness and deep connection with self. The breath, aided by chakra-attuned music and group processing, provides a route to the discovery of your inner landscape, healing, and trauma release. Journeyers are guided into relaxation and the practice of a simple breathing technique. From there,...
Sensory Herbalism and Yoga Nidra
September 23, 2019
An afternoon combining herbal medicine and Yoga Nidra We will dive into the softness of the body and deep relaxation with herbalism and Yoga Nidra on this year’s Autumn Equinox. Fee: 35€ (limited places) booking through Emilie: emilielindsten@gmail.com Yoga Nidra is a practice that allows for healing, relaxation and creativity. During this intimate afternoon, Tash...
Cacao & Conscious Touch
August 17, 2019
Touch is the most basic need for all human beings. When we are born, we first seek our mothers’ touch before we are concerned about anything else. When done with consent and in a safe environment, touch can be a profoundly healing experience. Being touched by others signals acceptance, belonging and relaxes the nervous system....
Festival of Love
August 10, 2019
*** F R E E E V E N T *** Let us expand our hearts! Ein ganzer Tag voller Yoga, Musik, Tanz und Verbindung. Leichtigkeit und Freude soll unser Gemüt ergreifen, unser Bewusstsein spielerisch erfassen und wachsen lassen. Wir leben gemeinsam für einen Tag die bunte Zeit der psychedelischen Blümchen und die Wiederentdeckung Indiens...
Singing Bowls, Reiki & Sacred Cacao – New Moon Summer Edition
July 31, 2019
Summer is holiday season. The mind is free, the body is refueling. We benefit from a lot of vitamin D, the sun puts a smile on our face. Not everyone has the opportunity to go on holiday, but for all it is possible to escape the big city jungle – by consciously taking time out...
Loving the Truth – Full YIN-Moon Circle
July 16, 2019
○○○ FULL MOON CIRCLE ○○○ ♥ YIN-BLUMEN-YONI-JULI-VOLLMOND ♥ SOMMER. VIBRATION. LIEBE. Mach dich auf. Für die Fülle des Vollen Mondes. Sinke ins YIN, in die Fülle in Dir. Vertraue. In dich und in dein Licht. In deine Liebe. EGAL, WO DU GERADE STEHST, IN DEINEM LEBEN, DIESE LIEBE IST IMMER DA. SIE IST IN DIR....