Ceremonies Events

Cacao & Conscious Touch
August 17, 2019
Touch is the most basic need for all human beings. When we are born, we first seek our mothers’ touch before we are concerned about anything else. When done with consent and in a safe environment, touch can be a profoundly healing experience. Being touched by others signals acceptance, belonging and relaxes the nervous system....
Festival of Love
August 10, 2019
*** F R E E E V E N T *** Let us expand our hearts! Ein ganzer Tag voller Yoga, Musik, Tanz und Verbindung. Leichtigkeit und Freude soll unser Gemüt ergreifen, unser Bewusstsein spielerisch erfassen und wachsen lassen. Wir leben gemeinsam für einen Tag die bunte Zeit der psychedelischen Blümchen und die Wiederentdeckung Indiens...
Singing Bowls, Reiki & Sacred Cacao – New Moon Summer Edition
July 31, 2019
Summer is holiday season. The mind is free, the body is refueling. We benefit from a lot of vitamin D, the sun puts a smile on our face. Not everyone has the opportunity to go on holiday, but for all it is possible to escape the big city jungle – by consciously taking time out...
Loving the Truth – Full YIN-Moon Circle
July 16, 2019
○○○ FULL MOON CIRCLE ○○○ ♥ YIN-BLUMEN-YONI-JULI-VOLLMOND ♥ SOMMER. VIBRATION. LIEBE. Mach dich auf. Für die Fülle des Vollen Mondes. Sinke ins YIN, in die Fülle in Dir. Vertraue. In dich und in dein Licht. In deine Liebe. EGAL, WO DU GERADE STEHST, IN DEINEM LEBEN, DIESE LIEBE IST IMMER DA. SIE IST IN DIR....
Peace of Mind Women Circle & Yoga
August 31, 2019
Every second Saturday of the month Peace of Mind will be hosting a women circle on Tempelhofer Feld – a space to communicate and share. The circle will open with a gentle vinyasa flow, afterwards a guest will talk about a specific topic that will change from circle to circle. The topics will be about:...
Detox Rituals with Tea & Essential Oils
May 3, 2019
Prenzlauer Berg
Break open that winter cocoon and join us at Palm Studio for our Spring Clean for body, mind and home with Tea & Essential Oil Rituals. This session will provide you with guidance and tools to start to create your own detox practice. Combining the ancient powers of essential oils and tea this session will...
Wild Woman Dance & Sauna
April 28, 2019
We women meet in a protected space, that allows us to experience our wild, archaic power. For this we will drum, sing and dance. Our bodies will sink into a light trance, so that we may experience the moment in full awareness, and that our movement will become honest and authentic. After the dance ritual,...
Chillout Sounds & Sauna
May 9, 2019
Be welcome to chill and enjoy a Musical Wellness Treat and Concert with Cacao before relaxing completely in the natural wooden heat of the UHU Sauna. After we relaxed our bodies thoroughly through by the sounds and the heat, we will gather and let our voices fly in connection with our released bodies. FLOW: 18:00...
Sacred Rave
July 21, 2019
Let go of your week, dive into the music and experience yourself high on proper organic sound, local herbal and alchemical potions crafted in accordance with their planetary rulers and the cycle of the moon by Naoidi Herbs, deep meditative breath, natural ecstasy, the sexyness of purity and the raving dance itself. Professional live musicians...