Breathwork Events

the power of yin yang
April 7, 2021
Our 4-week Holistic Health and Movement course program will introduce you to the ways of healing your body and mind via exploring ancient Chinese and Indian medicine practices. Each class will be directed to discovering and balancing your yin yang, your feminine masculine, your inner energies and outer expressions. Translating the tradition of Yoga to...
A Breathwork Journey │ Online
April 8, 2021
The breathing technique that we will use is called Conscious Connected Breathing. At the beginning of the class, we will go into a meditation, followed by some flight instructions for the actual breathwork journey, and after this informative part, we will start the breathwork. We finish the class with some voluntary shares. Let’s take this...
Spirit of Breath Online Breathwork Session
February 2, 2021
Breathwork is an active meditation technique that allows you to develop a relationship with your breath and clear your body, mind and soul of ‘stuck’ energy. It allows you to identify where your personal blocks reside and actively move through them, creating a pathway for a physical, mental and emotional detox. Empty yourself through conscious...
Ice Baths & Breathwork + Ecstatic Dance
September 13, 2020
Early Bird Ticket: 20 € Regular Ticket: 40 € Only Ecstatic Dance: 15 € Only Ice Bath: 25 € Please follow this link to choose your ticket: Full power energy reboot with ice baths, breathwork and movement! Make an awesome new experience and try out our full power energy reboot with ice baths, breathwork...
Breathwork Retreat – Spirit of Breath with Christian Kasper
September 11, 2020
This Breathwork retreat is a journey inside of ourselves and outside of our conditionings. It provides a safe and solid container to move out of our ordinary world and into the non-ordinary. Where we can explore ourselves in a new and deeper way with curiosity and courage. Through Breathwork, journeys and explorative exercises, we will...
WIM HOF Method Fundamentals Workshop – Achtsam & Respektvoll
August 15, 2020
Lerne die Wim Hof Methode® auf achtsame und organische Art kennen! Was du bei diesem Workshop bekommst: • Die Atemtechniken der Wim Hof Methode® • Kälteerfahrung im Eisbad • Tiefes Verständnis der Wim Hof Methode® • Achtsame, gemütliche und respektvolle Atmosphäre • Vegane, leichte Snacks zum Mittagessen Die Wim Hof Methode besticht durch Einfachheit, Anwendbarkeit...
August 30, 2020
Welcome to a deep PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® journey into Berlin’s sunset. Let Eva Kaczor, founder of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®, and Nico Stojan (Ouïe records) guide you into a state of non-ordinary consciousness. We will breathe open air in the beautiful courtyard of Ritter Butzke. DOORS OPEN: 6:30 PM START: 7:00 PM sharp, please be on time THE...
Psychedelic Breath® / Rooftop Class
August 8, 2020
Open air PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® class at the stunning rooftop of YOGA at Lobe Block in Berlin ++ SATURDAYS 11 AM PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® has a new summer home in Berlin: We have the pleasure to deep dive into your potential while breathing underneath the Berlin sky on a stunning 160 sqm roof terrace. YOUR EXPERIENCE: PSYCHEDELIC...
Psychedelic Breath® x Britta Arnold at Kater Blau
July 11, 2020
Welcome to an open air PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® journey with a special soundtrack by Britta Arnold. Eva Kaczor, founder of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®, and Britta Arnold (Happy Camper Records, Katermukke), have paired up to guide you through a special PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® experience into a state of non-ordinary consciousness. We will breathe open air at KaterBlau’s new Katergarten,...
Evening Pranayama & Guided Meditation [Live Stream]
This new territory we are currently facing can leave people feeling anxious, scattered and overwhelmed. Staying home and maybe having more time on our hands (might be the case for some, while looking very different to others), doesn’t make it easier to be alone, especially with ourselves, thoughts and emotions. I hope to share meditation...