Tantra Events

VANI is a collaborative community creating a space of various spiritual and secular practices to come together in a safe and conscious frame. The workshops we offer address all individuals who want to embark on a journey to their authentic selves, those who want to grow and heal, to experience deeper awareness and vulnerability through...
The Tantric Woman
September 9, 2020
Are you ready to step up and take full responsibility for your PLEASURE this year? Are you tired of your old narrative about intimacy and you are wondering what else is possible? Are you curious to find out about TANTRIC PRACTICES for yourself and in pairs that will support you to thrive sexually and that...
Tan.tra for Beginners
August 21, 2020
“What is Tantra and how can I get started?” is one of the most frequent questions that I get asked. And maybe you have been asking that question yourself already… ***************************************************************************** I invite you to an evening of exploration. In theses 2,5 hours we will get an understanding of what Tantra is and what not....
Tender & Feral Lab :: Berlin
April 4, 2020
never waste your wildness, it is both precious and necessary.” – Jay Griffiths; Wild. :: TENDER & FERAL LAB :: Spring Rite+Re-union :: 1 DAY WORKSHOP & EVENING LAB // a safe(r) space to explore tender and feral intimacy. : for femme* folx & their gender non-conforming allies. WORKSHOP : 13:00 – 18:00 LAB :...
Come a little closer – Tantra Workshop for singles and couples
February 1, 2020
Come a little closer and start 2020 learning more about yourself and Tantra! Couples and singles are welcome to explore the art of conscious touch, deep connection and how to use your voice, body and breath to express your authentic self in a playful way. Join Janie and Fredrik, two inspirational and experienced tantric workshop...
ZOU Haus Healing Pop-Up | Acupuncture ~ Reiki ~ Shiatsu ~ Yoga
January 18, 2020
ZOU Haus is a collective of holistic wellness practitioners based in Berlin. During our upcoming pop-up event on January 18th and 19th 2020 we’ll be offering acupuncture, reiki and shiatsu treatments alongside yoga, sounds baths, and tarot readings. ~~~ ACUPUNCTURE: bookings available ALL DAY SHIATSU: bookings available ALL DAY REIKI: bookings available ALL DAY TAROT:...
Lebenskunst Berlin
Die Arbeit von Lebenskunst Berlin liegt das Verständnis der Einheit von Körper, Gefühlen, Geist und Seele zugrunde. Sie orientiert sich am indianischen Energierad und integriert darüber hinaus tantrisches Wissen, östliche spirituelle sowie westliche psychologisch / transpersonale Ansätze und sexualwissenschaftliche Aspekte. Die Seminare von Lebenskunst Berlin bieten einen sicheren, geschützten und würdevollen Rahmen, in dem Wachstum...
Diamond Lotus Tantra Institut
Das DIAMOND LOTUS in Berlin ist das älteste Tantra-Institut Deutschlands. Das Team kann daher auf jahrzehntelange Erfahrungen zurückgreifen.