Meditation Events

The Lovers: LIVE Morgen Meditation mit Annette Söhnlein
May 26, 2020
The Lovers: Morgen Meditation – Verbunden in den Tag Meditation / Lovers Ritual mit Annette Söhnlein AKTUELL ONLINE: Instagram Live Zoom Link // Meeting-ID: 312 384 372 Unsere Morgen- Meditationen sind frei verfügbar, aber wir freuen uns sehr, wenn Du unsere Arbeit unterstützt und Dir ein Ticket über unser System kaufst! Bist Du...
Morning park meditation series – Week 1
May 18, 2020
Starting the day cultivating presence together, in the green. –– Outdoor morning 1,5 m distanced;) guided meditations (EN). ↝ 30 minutes of different mindfulness meditation exercises. Start at 8:30. ↝ Walking meditation, exploring stillness, movement, the inner and outer landscapes that compose our present-moment experience. ↝ While exploring the beautiful nature in our city. ↝...
Mettā in May
May 11, 2020
Mettā in May 30 m daily live session via zoom 9am Berlin // 5pm Melbourne Weekly journal prompts, compassionate activities, reading and inspiration via our newsletter. Come together in community to cultivate boundless compassion for self and others. This offering is free of charge, join the Dream Haus’ newsletter here to participate.
Day by Day: Live Community Mindfulness Meditation
May 12, 2020
A daily mindfulness practice opens the gates to your inner awareness and wisdom. By sitting with your sensations and moving from doing to being, you multiply your potential for happiness and equanimity. Join Sunny Love Yoga for a daily mindfulness meditation on FB Live and Instagram Live. By coming together we can better hold ourselves...
Silence and Sound – Growing with Yin
May 16, 2020
This workshop utilizes the quiet power of Yin Yoga, Yin Meditation and Yoga Nidra to support inner growth. It helps you to root growth’s tender, meandering movement deep into the stable, fertile ground of your being. Created live, subtle layers of sound, mixed with phases of silence, gently merge you into deeper states of consciousness, nourishing your...
High on Yoga *online*: Deep and Slow
May 5, 2020
Deep and slow yin yoga class + yoga nidra. Highly relaxing and deeply releasing. Open for everyone, no yin yoga experience needed. All levels. Suitable for beginners NOW ONLINE Create a nice surrounding just for yourself, light some candles, burn some sage or palo santo and tune in. HOW TO TAKE PART? Book via Urban...
Awakening Together – Weekly Community Class
April 27, 2020
A weekly guided practice and community gathering. Open to anyone with a willingness to explore meditation. Because our liberation is wrapped up in yours and yours in ours. Let’s learn together, sit together, love together. Links are in our newsletter: This class is offered freely, if you wish to support The Dream Haus, donations...
Slow Flow, Meditation and Pranayama (livestream)
April 26, 2020
Slow Flow, pranayama and meditation EN with Tim Groen Slow Flow, pranayama and meditation is a journey through the colorful and eclectic breath and meditation techniques of yoga. Through gentle movements in the rhythm of your breath your thoughts will come to rest. Breathing exercises fill you with new energy. Sunday 7 – 8.30 pm...
Online Circle : New Moon : Weitsicht und Wandel
April 23, 2020
DIESER KREIS FINDET ONLINE ÜBER ZOOM STATT. 🌑 NEW MOON 🌑 im APRIL mit dem THEMA ✨ WEITSICHT ✨ WANDEL ✨ EINHEIT ✨ REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE Uns in uns selbst und im Raum, in unserem Leben erfahren. Nachspüren. Spüren, was los ist, was Raum braucht, was von uns angenommen werden darf. “SEHEN” SCHENKT UNS...
Evening Pranayama & Guided Meditation [Live Stream]
This new territory we are currently facing can leave people feeling anxious, scattered and overwhelmed. Staying home and maybe having more time on our hands (might be the case for some, while looking very different to others), doesn’t make it easier to be alone, especially with ourselves, thoughts and emotions. I hope to share meditation...