Yin & Gong: A Journey into Summer

At this time of the year, we are transitioning into summer which represents qualities like movement, the fullness of expression, joy, and abundance. We are moving out of the springtime, which is preparing our body and mind for the most yang of the seasons: the summer. In Yin Yoga, we understand each season as the building stone for the next season. This seasonal workshop provides an intentional time of self-discovery to become aware of the subtle shifts and emerging possibilities of summer that are rooted in the foundations of spring. While resting and contemplating in the yin poses the sounds of the gong carry you deeper into the wisdom of the seasons.
Ensure your spot as places are limited to 10 people.
Yoga at Lobe Block Terrace (indoors in case of rain)
25 € regular
22 € for students, etc. – get in contact with us 😉
Gong with Frida
Yin Yoga with Martina
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