Whose World is Ending? Public Talk

It’s the end of the world as we know it. But whose world is actually ending? The climate debate has a massive problem: Its discourses, scenarios and prognoses largely cater to the interests of the Global North. At the GRAND OPENING of the MORE WORLD conference three speakers will provide new perspectives: political geographer and radio maker Anja Kanngieser (Australia), whose work on imperiled Pacific islands urges us to cooperate on the frontlines of climate change, high school student and environmental activist Clara Mayer (Germany), who dares to confront the corporate and political elites with the uncomfortable truths of climate change, and the poet and philosopher Sudesh Mishra (Fiji), who mobilizes indigenous cosmologies as sources of inspiration vis-à-vis environmental havoc. Moderated by Abi Ol Lual Deng (South-Sudan/US), who is an international relations expert and humanitarian policy consultant.

Free entry.

In a special warm-up performance the art collective The University of the Phoenix (Canada) will be offering participants an opportunity to join “The Order of the Immortal Stranger”: a global secret society for interspecies cooperation.

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