Voicing circle, Urban Ritual

Breathing & Voicing exploration!
For anyone interested to unlock or deepen expressivity through the voice and presence!!!
Twice a week In the Holographic Healing Nest,
Kreuzberg Eisenbahnstr.11
Monday: 10:00 to 11h30
Wednesday: 10:00 to 11h30
Price: 10 to 15 euros
Reservation: joriscamelin@gmail.com
website: https://www.joriscamelin.com/
Let me know,
Very much looking Forward!
Exploring your voice and yourself in a simple and playful way. Constructing together a safe environment inviting towards comfort, softness, rawness of sounds.
Through individual or group work, enhancing the freedom and authenticity of the voice.
Feeling welcome to peel off from the artefacts of culture, education and stories to eventually meet what is behind: the kid that you remained, the ease, the joy of being.
Possibly falling from the mind to the body, away from judgments, giving back to Nature what belongs Nature.
It is all about awareness, intentions, willingness and curiosity.
All is a game, a soft and serious one.
Come and join, offering yourself some softness, accepting what you have rather than running after what you would like to have.
– breathing exercises
– vocal exploration
– pulsation bringing to rhythms
– individual and group improvisation
– Group harmony
– one on one sessions also available.
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