Voice of the Womb – Shining a light on the TONGUE

In the following course we are going to focus primarily on the TONGUE. The tongue represents the part of us that is concerned with the issues of truth and desire. When the tongue is free from tension, our drive for perfection relaxes and we learn to accept our own imperfections, as well as those of others. Letting go of our belief that we are “not quite good enough“ brings us more space to enjoy life. We enjoy doing everything to the best of our ability, free from striving for perfection. We learn that our imperfections simply contribute to our uniqueness.

“Three things can not long be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth.“ Confucius

Why Voice of the Womb:

Our voices help us define our selfhood and collective humanity. Possessing a voice is a symbol of empowerment. A woman’s womb space is directly linked to her throat center thus her ability to verbally express herself. When a woman is fully connected to her womb space she is able to communicate through the heart center using the power of love to express her truth. As part of the “Voice of the Womb” workshop we practice Tibetan Energy Work, Taoist meditation and offer exercises for women who want to be more energetic, seek a higher state of well-being, a deeper spiritual connection and stronger sexuality. Nowadays people often experience a disconnect from their sexuality or are struggling with health problems and complications related to their reproductive organs. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy stored in our bodies – the only one that has the ability to create life. At the “Voice of the Womb” workshop we teach women how to use this energy for self-healing and how to express themselves more authentically. Women of all ages can benefit from the course and the practices they learn. We focus on movement meditation around the reproductive organs, while we are doing breathing and intuition exercises as well. Our goal is to increase the energy circulation within the body, activate hormone producing glands, invigorate and rejuvenate all vital functions, while connecting mind and body.

What you can expect in the course:

*Characteristics of the tongue (Anatomy, Physiology, Mysticism, Symbolism)

*Themes of the tongue (imbalanced/ balanced)

*Meditation and Mudra for the tongue to find the truth within

*Awareness exercises for the face, tongue and throat

*Vocal tuning connected to the tongue

*Vocal and Dance Workout

About Marie-Sophie Kiepe:

Marie-Sophie Kiepe is a complementary medical practitioner, author and well-being creator with a strong belief in the non-verbal art of healing. After a knee injury stopped her from pursuing her career as a professional ballet dancer, she started studying the body’s intrinsic tendency to heal itself.

Since then, she has studied Physical Therapy (BSc), Osteopathic Medicine (MSc), Public Health (MPH) and became an international licensed Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic teacher as well. She is also an expert of Tibetna Energy Work and Yin Tao. She has found joy and success in working as a physiotherapist and osteopath in different clinical settings helping dancers of the Vienna State Opera, the State Ballet Berlin or National Sodre Montevideo. She has also proved herself guiding people towards healing in more alternative institutions like Nierika Medicine Institute in Mexico before she founded The Touch by Marie-Sophie Kiepe. She is also the writer of numerous articles about the effects of dance on somatic and psychological illnesses and osteopathic treatments for musicians, which were published in collaboration with the Medical University Berlin Charité in various journals. During the years, Marie-Sophie has developed her own programs and founded the collective Voice of the Womb. Her mission is to help people to reconnect with themselves to experience vibrant life-energy and embody wholeness through their senses.

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