the power of yin yang

Our 4-week Holistic Health and Movement course program will introduce you to the ways of healing your body and mind via exploring ancient Chinese and Indian medicine practices. Each class will be directed to discovering and balancing your yin yang, your feminine masculine, your inner energies and outer expressions. Translating the tradition of Yoga to our everyday lives in the here and now. Creating a practice that fits your body, not the other way around. With the full Power of Yin Yang Course class pass we will book you into all 7 classes, send you our exclusive study material and will send you an access to our special playlist after the first class has happened. You are very welcome to join us with your regular online passes, although that does not include exclusive learning materials. You will receive 24h recording of the session. In this course you will be supported with: 1. exclusive study material for you to keep forever 2. access to all 7 streamed classes in a special learning group account for all of April.

Wednesday April 7th – 1. Introduction to FEMININE and MASCULINE

Sunday April 11th 2. Introduction to YIN YOGA

Wednesday April 14th 3. Introduction to YANG YOGA

Sunday April 18th – 4. Introduction to YOGA NIDRA

Wednesday April 21st – 5. Introduction to PRANAYAMA

Sunday April 25th – 6. Introduction to RESTORATIVE YOGA

Wednesday April 28th – 7. MASTERCLASS by Aleks & Mel

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