The Healing Power of Herbs – Herbal Course in Berlin

A full-day Herbal course in Berlin held in collaboration by Idun Hansen and Casa Cacao!

Idun Hansen is an herbalist from Sweden, now living in Kreuzberg. Idum received her education at Nordiskt Näringscenter in Stockholm, Sweden.

During the course you will learn about and take with you:
– Knowledge about many different herbs, how to use them as medicine and how we can use herbs to heal and support our body in a holistic way
– How to make your own Herbal Medicine, we will learn about infusions, tinctures, ointment, infused oils, herbal vinegars
– We will also make a Herbal ointment that you get to bring home with you at the end of the day
– How to harvest, dry, store and take care of herbs
– You will get a course material to take home with you

This is an introduction to western herbalism and the vast knowledge about the medicine that plants provide. During the day we will taste, smell and feel the herbs, so we get to know them and can start to relate to them in a personal way.

The cost for the day is 65€. That includes course material and material to make your own ointment. There will be a lunch break in the middle of the day. You can bring lunch with you or buy something in the area.

Register at:
The last day for registration is Monday 12th of August.
There are limited spaces so book your place as soon as possible. You will receive a booking-confirmation when your space is booked.
The course is in English.

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