THE art OF BEING YOU — 4 weeks to connect with YOU

THE art OF BEING YOU is a 4 week meditation and virtual self-study adventure to connect with your inner self.

Using a modern take on meditation, journaling, yoga, movement and self-actualization techniques you will deepen your connection with your body, mind and heart to be truly present and create the life you have always dreamed about.

I want you to become your OWN GURU — hearing, understanding and trusting your intuition. HERE and NOW!


  • Your mind is running the show — controlling your life and not you being the master of your thoughts, creating the life you want.

  • You feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on around you and can’t seem to find inner peace.

  • You feel like you have lost touch with your inner self, also called your intuition.

  • You want to establish or deepen a regular meditation practice.


  • You will have tools and techniques to help you “control” your mind.

  • You will feel less stressed and less concerned by outside circumstances.

  • You will hear, understand and trust your inner-self, your intuition.

  • You will feel more at ease with your self and have a better sense of where you want to go in life.


MEDITATION you will receive one meditation to practice daily for 4 weeks.

DAILY PRACTICE LIVE every day Monday to Friday at 6:30 we practice the meditation together including a short warm up.

YOGA you will have access to weekly yoga classes. Vinyasa Yoga every Thursday 7.00 to 8.00AM and Kundalini Yoga every Saturday 9.00 to 10.00AM.

COMMUNITY we will connect in our community space via SLACK to share inspiration, support and our experience. The community space will be your life-line it will help you understand your practice so much better and keep you going when you need it.

WORKBOOK each of the 4 weeks you will receive a workbook (4 workbooks total) including a deep dive into your practice and journaling prompts to help you connect deeper with your inner self.

GUEST TEACHER you will experience an ASTROLOGY NEW MOON IN PISCES SESSION with NICOLE MARIE and a MATCHA CEREMONY by LISA MÜLLER. You will also receive some Matcha to try at home!

REPLAY for all sessions (live daily practice, yoga sessions, guest teacher session) will be available for you during our 4 weeks together. If you can’t be there live you will still have access to the sessions.

PRICE 99.00 €

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