Sweetest Taboo present: Body Positivity Workshop

What is body positivity, and who is it for? Join blogger and stylist Body Mary for a workshop unpacking the concept and baggage that comes with complicated body politics.

As a cultural scholar, Body Mary specializes in themes of gender and migration; their work soon expended to understanding how long-neglected groups within our systems–especially womxn–fit into these dynamics.

Since then, their practice has developed into a longer-term commitment to helping womxn finding their strength, standing up for their bodies, and understanding their right to self-fulfillment.
Join Body Mary for a workshop that will touch upon a number of issues including what is #bopo and from where did this concept come from, as well as what must the movement continue to work on, and which alternatives exist?

This workshop will be conducted in German.
This event is open to people of all identities, but we ask allies and guests who plan to join this event to be mindful of the purpose of this event, and be aware of any space they may be taking up.

View the full program here: https://www.facebook.com/events/569016237239548/

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