Spirit of Breath – Conscious Breathing

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that allows you to develop a relationship with your breath and clear your body, mind and soul of ‘stuck’ energy. It allows you to identify where your personal blocks reside and actively move through them, creating a pathway for a physical, mental and emotional detox. Empty yourself through conscious breathing and come home to your heart!

Breathwork both activates you, and at the same time allows you to fully relax, releasing tension whilst liberating yourself from limiting beliefs. Many of us find ourselves going round in a loop of thinking and behaving from ‘triggered’ places of old habits. Conscious breath practice can re-connect you to your innate inner wisdom and help you open your heart to radical self-love, self-healing, and self-acceptance. It’s a powerful healing modality commonly being called the ‘next big thing’ – come and discover for yourself why.

Please book your ticket @ www.spiritofbreath.net
Cancel Policy: Refunds up to 1 day before the event
Places are super limited so advance booking is recommended!

Please wear relaxed clothes and we advise that you don’t eat too much for an hour or two before the session.

If you are pregnant, suffer with epilepsy, heart conditions, schizophrenia or other acute health issues, please let us know in advance. We recommend in this case you book a private session.

About Sascha:
Sascha Zeilinger is the founder of Spirit of Breath and a certified Alchemy of Breath Breathwork Facilitator.

His vision is to use the art and science of breath awareness and breathing exercises for health, growth and change in body, mind and spirit. For that he holds a safe space to guide people to open their hearts and heal their relationships within themselves.
His workshops empower his clients to connect with their emotional, mental and physical body.

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