Soneiro Laboratory: Urban Retreat Series

The Soneiro Laboratory is a four part Urban Retreat series, hosted in Berlin. Diving into music, movement, artistic method and mindfulness we focus on honing our senses into each topic and explore the connection between them. Each weekend stands on its own so feel free to book them together or singularly.

The laboratory is a project that concentrates on the transformative aspects of art and consciousness, and the connections between them. These gatherings do not aim to find static answers to complex questions, but rather explore the depth of the unique process each of us is in. We give space to a multidisciplinary search of artistic self expression, and personal development.


NOVEMBER 2 – 3 .
Exploring hearing and the perception of the “sonic world”, human resonance and the effect of sound on the mind/body…

Exploring our body, the mind-body-spirit connection and how we move…

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