simplify your yoga

Our new course transforms your practice with a masterclass journey starting March 3rd. Again we will take you through 8 classes, this time the aim is to demystify your Yoga practice. Finding a down-to-earth and functional approach for poses and flow that will suit your unique body. We will look at following poses to break down and go through step by step in an easy and functional manner:

1. warriors
2. child’s pose to sphinx pose (down dog to upward dog)
3. tree pose to dancer pose
4. runners stretch to split
5. wild thing to wheel pose
6. butterfly to king pigeon
7. headstand
8. crow to firefly

levels beginner to intermediate

Classes on Wednesdays will be Hotpod Flow classes with Aleks and Sundays will be Slow Flow classes with Melissa. And special guest teacher lovely Francesca for our Headstand class.

Every class is dedicated to a specific group of postures from foundational poses to advanced.

You can book all sessions individually or purchase our complete Simplify Your Yoga Pass. This pass includes:

1. comprehensive study pdf
2. 8 live classes 75+ min with extensive Q&A
3. all 8 classes as stream in an exclusive YouTube playlist for you to study until mid April

book your complete experience below for only 75.00 €

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    March 3, 2021 18.30
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    March 28, 2021 19.30
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