Sensory Herbalism and Yoga Nidra

An afternoon combining herbal medicine and Yoga Nidra

We will dive into the softness of the body and deep relaxation with herbalism and Yoga Nidra on this year’s Autumn Equinox.

Fee: 35€ (limited places) booking through Emilie:

Yoga Nidra is a practice that allows for healing, relaxation and creativity.

During this intimate afternoon, Tash and Emilie will combine the practice of Nidra inviting us to a deep exploration of inner landscapes, allowing, with the help of herbs and guided visualisations, relaxation for our true inner nature to come forth and unfold in this safe circle.
Yoga Nidra is a deeply healing practice that integrated into your life will allow you to expand in ways unforeseen and surprising through the power of deep rest. Nidra helps with insomnia, stress, anxiety and even more mysterious magic… Emilie offers creative Nidra’s grown out of her need to connect deeper with the inner silence and allow the creative force to grow stronger.

Tash will be collaborating with Emilie bringing you the magic healing ways of herbs by using them on all the 6 sensory levels of touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing and intuition to support and carry you into the deep relaxation that Yoga Nidra offers. Aiding our body to enter into deep rest, allowing you to come home, really be with yourself, and go deep into places, which one only discovers through deep relaxation.

During our workshop we will:

1. commence with an opening circle of introductions and intention setting. Herbal tea drinking ceremony to ground and welcome us into the space.

2. start our journey inward with a grounding meditation to connect with our bodies and the body of the earth. Smudging during meditation

3. Build each our own individual floor nest with pillows and blankets that will comfortably support our spine and bodies as we journey into the deep relaxation that is Yoga Nidra. Rub herbal oil on the feet to aid in relaxing and calm the nervous system

4. Relax deeply in a state of conscious rest through the practice of Yoga Nidra: the visualisations in the Nidra will work synergistically with the plants that Tash will provide us with to allow for a deeper experience of nature, the body and our inner worlds. Herbal scents to bring us deeper within.

5. Closing circle. Tea drinking to bring us back and ready us for the outside world again

About the teachers:
Emilie is an artist, Yoga Nidra facilitator, meditation and somatic movement practitioner.

Tash is an Herbalist, Cook, Forager and Artist. Co – Founder of Avant Garden and PRIMITIVKOLLEKTIV – Sustainability, Circularity & Herbalism.

Advanced registration is required due to limited places and will be completed after full payment is made. It is also possible to register a place for a friend as a gift. Contact: Emilie at

Spots are fully transferable if you cannot make it, if you have someone else to take your spot this is not a problem. I will also try to fill it, but if this is not possible only half of the fee will be refunded.

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