Seasonal Herbalism – Autumn: Colds, Flus and Fire Tonics

Seasonal changes affect not only the world around us, but also our physical body. Sometimes this causes particular conditions, such as allergies in the warmer months or colds and flus in the cooler months. As the plants grow and flourish or retreat and hibernate so do our bodies. If we learn to flow through the seasons using what nature offers us to keep us happy and healthy we will become our best selves. Plants are connected to the wholeness, as we are, teaching and showing us the way of being connected to seasonal health.

Plants grow at the time of year we need them most. This means we can use natural, fresh remedies through seasonal medicine. Spring tonics to detox the system from the winter stagnancy, summer sprays to cool us on hot days and to protect us from those little biting bugs while spending our days enjoying the sunshine, elixirs in autumn to get us ready for the cold months and supporting aids to protect us in the winter times.

In these two hour workshops we will concentrate on the season at hand, learning about how seasons affect our health and how we can aid our body’s through the use of simple plant medicine. Which plants can be used in that season and what specifically we can do to support our bodies during the period.

We will learn about how to dry picked herbs, medicine making, the use of simple kitchen herbs and spices and how foods can aid in seasonal health.

Autumn: Boosting and supporting with fire tonics;

Getting a cold? Feel a flu coming on? The theme of this workshop is booting your immune system when you’re feeling under the weather. It’s these sunny autumn days where we optimistically wear too few clothes that can be a real trouble. That combined with a summer full of hedonistic fun have is bound to cause colds and flus.

In this workshop we will discuss local immune-boosting herbs, how to avoid flus, and we will create our own immune boosting fire tonic to give our systems that extra kick.

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