Power Nap Nidra

(This Class is taught by Katherine Hypes)

Power Nap Nidra
Discover the power and explore the potential of “Yogic Sleep”, conscious deep rest, an ancient relaxation technique with a systematic approach to guide the physical body into sleep while working to keep a part of the mind aware. The first part of class may entail movement, stretching, or restorative poses to prep the body for receptivity; guided meditation; and/or journaling & discussion.

The second part of class is dedicated to Yoga Nidra, practiced while lying comfortably in supported Savasana. highly accessible and appropriate for those in need of a reset, sleep aid, or those looking for an alternative to caffeine or that midday “pick me up”. At surface level this will give you a natural surge of energy and a boost to the immune and endocrine systems, as the brain waves slip out of beta and oscillate between alpha, theta, and with practice, delta. This practice’s potential is limitless however, and can go as deep as the practitioner is open & willing to go, as this is also a rewiring of neural pathways in the brain: tapping into intuition; receiving creative insight; and reprogramming hardwired habits, thought patterns, and limiting belief systems are all possible when resting in this highly receptive state. If you’re curious, come with an open mind and let the experience speak for itself.

What to bring?
A small pillow, pen + paper or journal

Where ?
Ring the bell – 8. Sportetage
go through the Hinterhof to the end and enter the door on the right.
we are on the 3rd floor

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Questions please contact Katherine: +49 15752707118

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