Past Life Regression Workshop

A fun and easy way to experience hypnosis, and find out information about yourself that will help you in your current life.

About this Event

The workshop consists of 3 different exercises:

  1. In the first exercise we’ll visit a past life. Most people have lived many lives; however, the one you will experience in the workshop is the one your Higher Self picks for you to see. It will be a past lifetime that offers information that will benefit you in your present-day life.
  2. In the second part we will connect to one of your spirit guides, and you will get a message from them.
  3. And in the last exercise we will visit a future life. There will be lots of interaction in between the exercises.

Doing a past life regression feels much like a guided meditation. During hypnosis you are always in your own control, and you will feel relaxed and refreshed, when the workshop is done.

What to have at hand at our online session:

  1. Notebook and pen
  2. Glass of water
  3. Eye mask (optional)

Create your sacred space:

  • Create a comfortable spot where you can lean back
  • Make it extra cosy by lighting some candles and/or your favourite incense
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Set your intention prior to our session
  • Have your phone/doorbell/other devices on mute
  • Make sure all notifications on your computer are off so you won’t be distracted during our session.
  • Make sure you won’t be disturbed by anyone

Best way to prepare:

  • Don’t drink any coffee or alcohol before the workshop
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Make sure you eat beforehand
  • Make sure you have privacy, and won’t be disturbed during the workshop
  • Have no expectations and come with an open mind!

JOY Space

The workshop is online but Marije will host it from the wonderful JOY Space in Berlin Mitte. JOY Space is a new holistic event space. Check out for more information, and stay up to date by following them on Instagram

Your host:

Marije Terluin, is a Past Life Regressionist, and owner of Marije studied at the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy (QHHT) of Dolores Cannon. She offers group regressions and 1:1 regressions.

Follow her in Instagram to stay up to date with her latest events.

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