New Year Yin Immersion – 8 Week Journey

“Yoga is the journey of the self. Through the self. To the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita
Start your year with calmness and inner clarity.
This 8-week yin journey will guide you step by step through your inner world.
Based on the profound wisdom of alternative and traditional chinese medicine we created an eight week program to convey not only an intellectual understanding of your body and mind but more importantly to provide you with the experience of feeling the healing effects of Yin in your own skin.
With the beginning of a new year we usually rush into new goals and lists of things we want to achieve. This collective dynamic creates tension and stress not only in your mind but also in your body.
Marlene & Freddi invite you to counteract this dynamic with an 8-week journey to support your start of the new year in the most balancing way.
This course will guide you through the fundamentals of yin yoga and week by week explore the bodily meridian lines as well as the elements and organs connected to these lines. With the focus on deepening the awareness of your own body and mind through the practice of stillness, we keep our consciousness in the present moment bringing ease into the more subtle layers of our body as well as our life. We will build up this course over the 8 weeks so you can establish more mindfulness and continuous connection in your practice.
Through the weekly practice of Yin yoga and meditation, you will become more aware of where in your body you hold restrictions and how to gradually open up. As these blockages are released, you will feel new space not only on a physical but also on mental and emotional plane.
On January 14th, we will start our yoga journey into an enriched 2021. The sessions will take place online, streamed live in high quality from our Yoga Shala in Berlin-Schöneberg.
Together we will bring more balance into our lives – turning 2021 into a positive, fulfilling year.
Weekly Yin Yoga practice, every Thursday 20.00pm-21.15pm (14.01.-04.03.2021)
*Recordings of all live classes will be accessible for you for the duration of the course
Weekly Meditation (audio sequence) sent to you every Monday (18.01.-01.03.2021)
Course content:
*Weekly 20min Meditations to start your week with intention
*Weekly Live Vinyasa Yoga Classes (8x 75 min)
*Recordings of all meditations & classes for you to rewatch or repractice
*Theoretical background on Yin Yoga and the 12 main meridian lines
*Pranayama & Meditation
*Virtual connection through a Chat group
*Weekly inspiration via direct messages to keep you in the flow beyond your yoga mat
Topics we will focus on throughout the 8 weeks:
WEEK 1 – GROUNDING – fundamentals of yin
WEEK 2 – PROCESSING – earth element meridians
WEEK 3 – NURTURING – water element meridians
WEEK 4 – SOFTENING – fire element meridians
WEEK 5 – RELEASING – wood element meridians
WEEK 6 – LETTING GO – metal element meridian
WEEK 7 – San Jiao & Pericardium meridian
WEEK 8 – RELEASING – cultivating sukha (ease), lightness in practice and daily life
Unfortunately it is not possible to book single classes of the eight-weeks course.
The course will be taught in English.
No previous knowledge/experience necessary.
Everyone is welcome!
We will start this course meeting online only due to the current restriction. If official regulations change during our 8 weeks together and we are allowed to practice in a room, you will be invited to join us in the studio or stay practicing online from home with us.
Freddi & Marlene
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    January 14, 2021 20.00
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    March 4, 2021 21.15
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