Mindful Leadership Talks

In today’s world of exponential change, we need new ways of leadership for organisations, society and self.

Exciting research shows that mindfulness is a key competence for leaders to co-create a more humane world, to unfold the true potential of people and to accelerate meaningful businesses. In addition to greater mental clarity and efficiency, mindfulness practices inspire higher levels of compassion, purpose and overall well-being.

In today’s world of exponential change, we need new ways of leadership for organizations, society and self. for knowledge exchange, co-creation and impactful activities. Because we understand leadership generally as self-leadership, the evenings are relevant to everyone willing to grow their depth of responsibility.

The evenings begin with a 15min meditation, followed by a 30min presentation and 30min conversation. We conclude with a short meditation to open the evening to casual networking and continued dialogue.

Doors open at 7:00pm for a 7:15pm start.
The evenings are on donation base, with a suggested donation of 10€.

The event is presented by the Mindful Leadership Circle in cooperation with cocreation.loft and hosted by:

Dr. Yana Heussen, executive coach and consultant. Her passion is to help businesses meet their goals creating a culture that supports each employee to thrive. Yana draws on her expertise as a consultant, facilitator and coach for productivity and well-being, her training in neuropsychology and the world-renowned program “Search Inside Yourself”, developed at Google, and experience as a consultant.

Daniel Rieber, systemic coach and mindfulness trainer who empowers people and companies to master the challenges of the digital transformation and to unfold their true potential. As an experienced leader himself, Daniel understands the challenges and needs of companies, leaders and teams in an agile and fast-paced environment.

Dr. Nico Rönpagel who integrates scientific knowledge and transformative practices to create fresh pathways of connection, compassion and purpose in personal and professional growth. With 15 years background in meditation, yoga and dance, Nico has brought mindfulness to universities, art museums, classical concerts, conferences and various professional environments.

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