Meditation with Sound Immersion

During this meditation we invite you to get in contact with the depths of your Self. Through live electronic music we create an environment of complete immersion. Here the fundamental nature of sound is used with meditation guidance to bypass your mind, connecting you to your own source.

This is an effective way to gain clarity, allowing you to shift awareness, open new spaces, move your energy patterns and even physical sensations. Sound frequencies together with pure intentions create a force which travels deep to your core. When you learn to let go and accept the healing sound, your heart opens, your energy expands and you release emotions and beliefs no longer serving you, opening up space for creativity, transformation and action.

Sound is the true vibration from which all things arise. It is one of the most direct routes to experience states of sublime connectedness. Join us during these special evenings and learn to use it as a tool and portal to access deep levels of movement and transformation within your Self.

Make sure to arrive 10 minutes in advance. Ring the bell for the studio, walk to the first “Hinterhof”, enter through the green door on your left and you will find the entrance of the studio on the right side.

Price: Donation based (please donate to keep this series running)

Sound artists: Henri Falk & Hertzklang (live performance)

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