Late Spring Foraging – Edible Wilds & Forest Herbal Medicine!

We will discuss the importance of following the seasons, been in touch with nature, sustainable foraging practices, eating wild herbs and the impact these have on our health. Following this first part of our session, I will lead a workshop on using your hand-picked products for preparing a personalised tonic, these will depend on the plants we find.

Sustainable, meditative, naturally medicinal, and healthy.

Gathering plants from their natural habitats gives us another layer of connection with nature. There is something very grounding about collecting, preparing, and using plants that grow naturally in our local forests. Like meditation, gathering allows you to be centred and in the moment. But there is something even deeper than this- a magical feeling that comes from the understanding of our symbiotic relationship with nature.

How to get there: catch the S5 (Strausberg Nord / Westkreuz Line) direction, Strausberg Nord. Get off at Strausberg Nord (last station). I will pick you up from the station at 12pm. Trains only go every 20 mins so I ask you to please be on time.

To bring: Good walking shoes (we will be in a forest), a fabric tote bag/basket, scissors, water, forest clothes – weather requiring, as the workshop is held outside keep in mind that it can be cooler than in the city and please cover up due to ticks and mosquitoes!

Length of workshop: The workshop is approx. 3 – 4 hours, but in some cases runs overtime so please leave adequate time for this.

Cost: 40€ incl. of all materials; foraged herbs and personalised spring medicine to take home. I am offering 2 discounted tickets to low income earns and people who have been financially affected by Corona. Please contact me directly:

Cancellation: Spots are fully transferable, please find the replacement yourself. Please understand no refunds will be given due to shortage of time and team size. Thank you!

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