Kundalini Rebirthing

Rebirthing kriyas are powerful yogic series specifically designed to operate in an indirect, diagonal way on your mind-body system. they have a powerful transformative effect as they move the energy to clear patterns that have been imprinted on the deepest levels of the subconscious mind.

The effect is that you get an opportunity to think, feel and experience your life from a place of clarity and freedom, in stronger connection to your vision and destiny.

This is a space to create pathways for new ways of being and new imaginings in line with your greatest potential.

In this time of major planetary shifts, we all have a part to play in awakening to a greater collective consciousness – and it starts with ourselves and the journey within.

Everyone is welcome, no prior experience is necessary.

Guided by:

Akal Anand Kaur is a cosmic alchemist, a palm tree of dates in an oasis, walking barefoot on desert earth. Her service to the earth is to truth and bliss, honoring the awakening into our deathless nature through human form. With Kundalini yoga as a medium, she shares her practice from a place of personal experience, simple and precious. Akal Anand believes in making dreams manifest and creating heartfelt experiences for people that are unique and that they can come to integrate into their consciousness. Her engagement is with presence and elevating through creative experimentation, communication, and care.

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