kindclub Urban Gathering #3 // Berlin

Join our ½ day retreat and get to know us, our offering and vision.

We will be tapping into the energy of autumn. Autumn marks the beginning of the yin cycle of the year. It is the season of letting go of the old and of harvesting the seeds we have planted in spring.

We will take some time to reflect on the past, as well as time to focus on the things we choose to nourish and attend to. We will let go of what we want to eliminate in order to move forward with clarity – physically and emotionally preparing for the cold, dark months to come.

In Chinese Medicine autumn is connected to the metal element (and its associated organs lungs & the large intestine) and is a time of exhaling, letting go, reflecting, organising and turning inwards. 

The lung (Yin) controls our respiration which also helps regulate the flow of water in our body. The Large Intestine (Yang) takes care of releasing waste in our bodies. These organs process what our body no longer needs so that we can only keep what is nourishing and essential. Energetically, these two organs work together so that we can let go and make space for the new.

We will be opening this day with a grounding meditation, breathwork and a matcha ceremony, a spiritual & mindful experience bringing you into the present moment guided by the most amazing Lisa.

Through the practice of Living Yolates & Yoga we will strengthen our bodies, uplift our energy, our spirt, feel heat, drive, creativity & clarity. We are going to let go of whatever is making us feel heavy and create space for the new.

We will end the session with deep stretches and an extra long relaxation, accompanied by wonderful and calming sounds. Letting body & mind fully unwind and rest.

Afterwards there will be time to ask questions, eat & exchange.

Soulfood, drinks & sweet snacks will be waiting for us.

This day will leave you feeling nourished, inspired and ready for some spring magic!

Each guest receives a recipe by Lisa and a small take away gift.

Come and join a day of wellbeing with us!

We are really looking forward to meeting YOU.

Lots of love,

Nicole (@aboutthatflow), Anna (@allgoodyoga) & Lisa (@lisamuellersen)

Price: 59 €

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