How we can outsmart our Nervous System – The Effects of Breathwork on Stress & Anxiety

Do you know the feeling when a situation is literally taking your breath away? But in the negative sense? I’m sure you do… Every time you are in stress response your body is reacting in a very specific way. Short breath, fast heartbeat, muscle tension…
But what if I told you, that exactly that gives us the opportunity to outsmart our nervous system?

Interested? Then join this FREE masterclass.

In this masterclass you will learn:

✨what is happening in our body when we are stressed

✨about the different kinds of stress and why stress can be a good thing

✨how breathwork is biologically reducing stress & anxiety in your body & mind

✨How to breathe stress away (3 different breathing techniques)

You will gain the scientific knowledge AND the tools to calm down more effectively and overall improve your well-being.

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