Ho`opono pono Healing Meditation

This meditation, called Ho`oponono, has its origin in Hawaii. It is done in front of a mirror or with a partner. Working with the techniques of eye gazing and deep rooted mantras, it is a self-empowering way to heal old wounds.
Therefore, it supports us in creating healthy relationships and responses to ourselves, our environment and whatever we are facing in life.
Specially in this unknown and challenging time we are currently in due to corona crisis and many other international events, a lot of triggers are activated. We are facing an increasing amount of repressed emotions and a hyperactive nervous system, which brings our body and mind in a constant fight and flight mode. In this 1h session we will not just find a conscious way to release emotional tension, but also practice vulnerability and a social intimacy, which is not just because of the lockdown a difficult field to navigate ourselves in.
We will meet at 18:45 the main entrance of Flugfeld Tempelhof (close to Schillerkiez) and walk together towards our meditation spot. The session itself will be 19:00-20:00. Just bring yourself in comfy clothes. Due to corona times please don`t forget to bring your mask and keeping distance all together.
Seats are limited, so to attend the session please register by sending an E-mail to: melanie.spreeberg@gmail.com
For any more question feel free to contact me via message at Facebook or E-mail.
There will be an energy exchange for the session in form of donation, pay as much as you can and as much as the session was worth for you.
About Melanie:
my name is Melanie. Since years meditation, conscious movement and breathwork been integral elements of my personal journey. After my meditation facilitator training, holding space for people to experience themselves in meditation became my passion. Therefore, I guided group sessions at the meditation program ‘Work As Meditation’ at Desert Ashram Bamidbar in the past year. Moreover, I held sessions and workshops on various international festivals like z2x ZEIT festival in Germany or Zorba Festival in Israel. As well as corporate mindfulness sessions for small teams up to 10 people. In April 2020 I completed my training as a Resilience Coach, which supports my approach of (active) meditations to empower groups and clients.
In my sessions we connect our body and mind in order to re-connect to ourselves and others in different and conscious way. By doing this, we watch deeply what is really happening inside of us and our bodies to release physically and emotionally what we are holding for too long and to make space for what we need in our every day life: increased awareness, balance and inner silence.
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