Herbs for Mapping Sensuality

“Eros Herbalism: Herbs for Mapping Sensuality” is a workshop designed to those folks who want to explore their sensual desires and boundaries with the aid of plant medicine. Plants can be beautiful allies to unravel sensual layers and discover the depths of sensorial pleasure.

This workshop is for you if :

  • you are navigating your gender and sexual identity

  • you are healing from emotional and sexual wounds

  • you are wanting to connect back to your body after a heartbreak

  • you are wanting to challenge the boundaries of your sensual comfort zone.

In this workshop you can expect to:

  • explore what sensuality means for us and in which ways we experience it

  • explore the different herbs we can work with to explore sensorial pleasure

  • be inebriated by the scents, evelopped by the tastes and connected to nature´s most beautiful creations!

We will be meeting in person and it will be a very hands-on experience: We will touch the herbs, taste them in infusions and tinctures, rub our skins with their infused oils, and create a connection with them. You will also bring home a little package of one herb that you feel called to work with!

Water and snacks are included <3

*Please bring with you a negative covid test, a vaccine doc or the genesen doc.
** Please note I have two cats. They will inhabit the other side of the flat, while we will be in the workshop space. It might not be suitable for people with allergies, but you know your own body 🙂

Tickets: are on a sliding scale. Due to the small amount of people able to participate, please understand that I can offer only two low income tickets. I trust that you will choose the price depending on your financial situation and sense of community support <3 In case of inability to participate, please find someone to replace you!

Space is limited so make sure to grab your spot asap!

Tickets start at €15

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