Have you ever instantly felt a connection to a person you just met? Have places seemed familiar even though you have never have visited them? Do you have a fear but have no known reason to feel that fear?

Join Hara Katsiki, Quantum Healer and Past Life Regression hypnotherapist, for a Group Regression Experience. This is a fun and great way to experience a Past Life Regression in a group setting. The group regression has three parts. The entire group will experience:

  • A past life

  • Meeting their Guide or Guardian Angel

  • Being taken into the Future (100, 200 or 300 years)

Come and have an amazing journey of consciousness with Quantum Healing Hypnosis in a group setting.

A “past life regression” is a general term for a relaxed experience in which a practitioner/hypnotherapist guides the participants into a light hypnosis (similar to meditative state of mind), where you relax enough to go into the subconscious mind where all memories of other lifetimes are being stored.Participants often gain new understanding and knowledge about their emotional, mental, physical or spiritual self through this experience and receive healing.

There is always a reason to go back to a past life.  It can be to find your life purpose, heal relationships, un-block fears and so much more.The most important thing is to listen to the messages that come through in a past life regression. Trust that the subconscious takes you where you need to go to.

Accomplished by simple visualization and imagery techniques, the entire group is taken back in time to past lives, then they meet their spiritual guides or guardian angel. After these experiences, they write down what they have seen, and there is group interaction and discussion.

Suitable for all levels, whether you have had similar experiences before, or if you are completely new to the idea of regression!

Duration : 2 hours / Price : 33 EUR

ONLINE on Zoom

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