Full Moon Yoga & Ceremony

To all moon lovers and children of the stars,
we are so happy to be back & come together in the moonlight again.
Felipe and Marlene are inviting you to a truly special online ceremony dedicated to the full moon in February and the spirit that comes with it.
This full moon is also called the Snow Moon and invites us to connect with the element of water, our emotional and sensual being.
The full moon is also a wonderful time to reflect, renew and let go.
Felipe and Marlene will join live from the Shala in Berlin-Schöneberg to create a ceremony for all your senses including ancient wisdom, a full moon ritual, a live sound journey and Yin Yoga. Felipe from Sonido Sur will give you insights into the wisdom and traditions of the Andean natives and their holistic perspective on this particular snow moon in February. Marlene from Yoga on the Move will guide you to a deeper state of connection between body, mind and spirit, uniting in the stillness of a restorative Yin Yoga practice to honor the water element.
18.00 Connecting our Spirit to the Moon & Storytelling of the Snow Full Moon
18.30 Guided Meditation and Full Moon Ritual
19.00 Yin Yoga with live Sound Journey honoring the water element
20.00 Circle of shared words
The full moon is a moment to let go. It gives us the power to recognise things as they are to be determined about letting go. Is a moment for acceptance and it offers us a clear tuning into our intuition. Ceremonies are memorable celebrations. This Full Moon ceremony is to understand the effects of the moon cycle in our human and nature cycles. Cycles of creation and cycles of evaluation. The moon ceremonies are for our ancient traditional families and still for us today, a way to connect to our nature and to the universal spirit of everything that is alive.
The event is taking place online in a shared online space via the streaming service Zoom. After registering, you will receive the link for the live stream.
We stream live from our Yoga Studio with professional equipment in high quality.
Tickets are €19. In case you are facing financial difficulties, please feel free to approach us via a direct message.
Create a little altar for the night of the event at home. Get cozy. Light candles & incense. Place your crystals or any other personal objects at home to recharge with the full moon energy.
Invite a friend to share this ceremony with from home.
Get your good sound system out or your best headphones set for the sound will be played live with special vibrations for the Yin Yoga.
Candle, piece of paper and pen, comfortable clothing, cushion, blanket, yoga mat or carpet.
We are excited to spend a magical full moon night with you!
Felipe & Marlene
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