Full Moon Women‘s Circle | Online

The moon goes through phases and so do we. From our fullest light and our highest potential to the depth of our darkness – inspired and supported by the moon we should embrace the phases of our lives; not fearing the momentum of change coming towards us. Rather become a dancer between light and darkness, shine and shade.

In the Circles we celebrate this dance which is the dance of femininity. We explore techniques to learn to see our own light and embrace our darkness.

Be there as you are. This circle is open to Women of all ages and no matter of their background or experience.


19.00 Opening The Circle & Centering In

19.30 Lecture Moon & Feminine Cycle

20.00 Opening The Voice & Singing

20.30 Questions & Sharing

21.00 Little Break

21.15 Healing Meditation

21.40 Closing The Circle Together

22.00 End

*the program is subject to change

Early Bird tickets: €28

Normal Price: €33

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