Full Moon Special :: Cacao Music Ceremony

On this First Full Moon in 2020 we will be journeying into our Moving and Singing heart-spaces with the support of the sacred CACAO Plant. From there we will open our cells and senses to be receptive to and nourished by sound, guiding us into the 2020 magic our heart seeks to create this year.

18:45 Doors open // Arriving
19:20 Doors close
19:30 FIRST PART: Opening & CACAO Ceremony
21:45 THIRD PART: LIVE Music DANCE Journey
22:45 CHILLOUT Sounds & Closing
23:30 Last Goodbyes & Doors close

we will drink our Ceremonial Cacao together which will support us connecting to this very first Full Moon of 2020, which is a most potent time to let go of and to invite. A time, where ancient rituals have been performed by so many tribes and individuals for thousands of years.. we will connect to ourselves and to others verbally and in silence. There will be a moment to gather around the Altar, where we can connect to what we believe in, give our gratitude and ask for guidance for this fresh 2020.

Live Music will let us dive into our bodies, connect to ourselves and others and help us express what wants to be embodied and moved.

we will gather and let our voices be expressed by our open hearts. We will sing Medicine Tunes, Mantras and all kinds of Circle Songs together, no need for experience and no matter what you think about your vocality, just take yourself by the hand and bring yourself to celebrate your voice in motion with us! This part of the evening has the potential to shift worlds and to realign energies. We invite what we need and we directly manifest it here!

(including the Ceremonial dose of Cacao of ca. 40-50g /Person)
20€ Special X-Mas Bird (SOLD OUT!)
25€ Early Bird (until 11:11 am at 2.1.2020)
30€ Regular (until 11:11 am at 9.1.2020)

about the Mistress of Ceremony

loves movement in the voice and in the body and hosts different spaces as a singer, dancer and mistress of ceremony. She teaches Contact Improvisation, hosts Singing Circles and gives Concerts, marries people to themselves as the “Priestess of wild hearts and free self-love” and recently founded the “Earthmothers”, a project gathering women without human children. In her work she mainly highlights the exploring mind, self-responsibility, freedom and aliveness.
More Infos: www.anirleben.com.

about the Musicians

MATZE (Guitar)
– of the Universe – JECHLITSCHKA:
he loves to play guitar which he’s been doing for quite a while and with a lot of intensity. Over the years he became a good listener – he understands to create and support space, hold it and finally leave it, when the next is opening up. To trust the first impulse is what he’s learned through music.
He was part of the band OHRBOOTEN – looking back on almost 20 years of playing music. You can tell he is an experienced musician and a beautiful being supporting the vibes of the space when you hear and see him play.

MARC MIETHE (Didgeridoo):
With surprising ease, the Berlin didgeridoo professional Marc Miethe transforms a hollow branch, a tuneable plastic tube or his hollow hand into a spectacular rhythm machine. He is one of the most outstanding players in Europe and since 1992 has been pioneering the old wind instrument in Germany. He plays it with “literally spectacular” virtuosity, with an “intensity and a wealth of ideas that is second to none” and thus can trigger “true enthusiasm storms” (press quotes).

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