Embodied Writing Workshop – Let the Body speak!

The Embodied Writing Creative Workshop offers you a possibility to connect with your intuitive listening and awaken to your senses. Focus on your inner world and inner truth through playful and gentle exercises that aim to develop your relationship with yourself and strengthen your inner authority. This workshop provides tools to create a personal connection with Self, a safe space within and without where magic can happen, a space where you may softly open and discover new possibilities for healing.

With a mix of movement and writing we will let the body speak and learn to listen to the wisdom of our bodies. Allow your words and ideas to move through you to allow messages from within to be heard. Move with your breath, Write with your soul.

Experience your Movement Poetics. Dive into the practice of writing and movement with guided and free exercises developed to expand your consciousness and explore the unconscious where unexpected insights and opportunities for transformation can be found.⁠ Tap into your subconscious with playful exploration and conscious movement to engage the body and the mind together.

The workshop will be held online for a maximum of 12 participants plus the two facilitators. The theme is centered around the HEART, we will focus on meeting and softening this part of our bodies as well as listening to it with attention and kindness. There will be space for a welcoming/opening circle and a closing/sharing time. The workshop will happen on the day of the Full Moon (in Virgo) and can be the perfect chance to celebrate!

Facilitators: Sophie & Susanna
Max people: 12⁠

Contribution: sliding scale depending on your income
22 33 44 euro ⁠via paypal

As White facilitators, we recognize the need for healing spaces like these to be open and welcoming for BIPOC and queer individuals. We commit to creating a safe space for you – please reach out if cost is an issue.

Book your spot: embodied.writing@gmail.com⁠

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