Embodied Intimacy: Relational Playground ~ A Somatic Exploration of our Human Bodies

The body is our home and Temple. It is what gives us the ticket to the playground of our life and the opportunity to fulfill our destiny.
And yet for most of us our body is often an unknown territory.
Many of us have reduced the body to an object. We treat it like one. From our minds eye we look at it from outside of our direct somatic experience.
We judge it: Too much, too little.
We use it: Uppers, downers, numbing out whatever it takes to feel less bad.
We hide it: Cover areas of our body we feel ashamed of. Mask it’s natural smells.
We fix it: Make it look sexy and attractive so others want us or find us desirable.
The list here can be made endless.
Relationally most of us feel awkward taking off our clothes in front of somebody. Our body shame comes with detrimental consequences. It cuts us off from our innate aliveness and our ability to enjoy, play and express ourselves from within our innate wholeness. The deep core knowing of who we are in every moment.
Come explore your relationship to your body in this special edition relational playground.
Within this experimental relational laboratory you will be invited to explore how to:
☆ Feel your body and establish somatic sense of safety.
☆ Trust yourself from within your body and among others.
☆ Create a body shame healing ritual.
☆ Intimately and sensually explore and play with your body sensations
☆ Stay mindfully connected and in relationship to other bodies as your are deeply rooted in your bodies wisdom.
☆ Transform the cultural indoctrination, trauma and body shame that we all carry into a sense of belonging in your body and in community.
Embodied Intimacy invites you to a brave space in which you can practice transformational processes of relating that accelerate your path towards deeply fulfilling relationships.
This creative relationship playground gives you a rare and unique opportunity to experience mind-dissolving, heart-melting, playful explorations of emotional, physical and soul intimacy.
Nothing is compulsory; all activities are optional. Everything is an invitation to consider and your full consent is the basis for any interactions with others.
Join us for this weekend intimacy and relationship immersion. This workshop is for anyone and everyone – singles, couples and also those with alternative relating styles.
Private location in Wedding, Berlin.
Address sent upon Registration.
*(This is a non-residential retreat)*
Tier 1 (Tickets 1-10): €225
Tier 2 (Tickets 11-20): €250
Tier 3 (Tickets 21-30): €275
0-7 days before the event: no refund
7-15 days before the event: 25%
15-30 days before the event: 50%
Purchase-30 days before the event: 75%
• If WE cancel this event (due to COVID / restrictions in Germany / It’s not possible) we will give you a full refund or you can transfer your payment to another future event.
• If YOU cannot attend because of the restrictions in your home country / your flight is cancelled / you are unable to travel, we will give you a full refund minus 25% (non-refundable)- which can be transferred to another future event.
• If it is possible to attend but YOU decide not to attend for your own reasons, then the usual refund policy applies.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the event:
e-mail us at: DeepBreath@EmbodiedIntimacy.com
fb messenger: https://m.me/EmbodiedIntimacy
What is included in the price?
○ Food and accommodations are NOT included in the price for this event.
○ The price of the ticket covers the course fee only.
Is this for singles or couples?
○ This intensive is open for singles, couples and those in alternative relationships (open, poly, etc)
Is this a place to connect with new folks or deepen connections with current lovers?
○ Both. If you come with your partner you are welcome to practice together for some of the exercises, but not all of them. ○ This is not a couples retreat. It is a relational laboratory. We request you do at least as many exercises with other group members as you do with your partner.
More About Embodied Intimacy:
Very few of us have any formal, or conscious, education in intimacy. We live in a world that teaches us how to read, write, calculate and solve logical problems but we aren’t taught how to love and be loved in a way that fits the unique shape of our heart.
Embodied Intimacy is a partnership founded by Rachel Rickards and Buster Radvik that teaches workshops, seminars, retreats and trainings for thousands of people around the world. The work asks participants to show up and reveal themselves authentically — to take the vulnerable risk and let others see you as you are. To hold others in non-judgmental awareness as their mirror to let them see into and reflect you back to you.
The truth of each moment has the potential to set us free by allowing ourselves to be all that we are. Embodied congruence, authenticity and vulnerability have the power to shave off the dead callus of defensiveness and leave us more naked and available to be touched, met, intimately attuned, and to transform and uplevel the way we relate.
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