Creative Writing Therapy Workshop

This 90 minutes workshop offers you the possibility to learn simple and direct tools that can help you transform yourself, let go of old narratives and make a step towards healing.⁠

Dive into the practice of writing with guided exercises developed to expand your consciousness and explore the unconscious. ⁠

Utilizing tools like automatic writing, stream of consciousness and dialogue, we tap into our subconscious where unexpected insights and opportunities for transformation can be found.⁠

Here you can become aware of your blockages, fears, doubts…and rewrite your life the way you are ready to experience it!⁠

Exploratory Journaling and Creative Writing Therapy promote a healthy relationship with one’s creativity. They promote the daily practice of courage, listening and compassion. They help bring a state of clarity and gratefulness. ⁠

With this type of writing is never about the form or the grammar, never about the final product. This type of writing it’s about the act of writing. ⁠

The presence of being present to it. ⁠

I have been working as a teacher and holistic facilitator for many years and now giving online sessions in English and Italian. ⁠

If you feel like writing is often on your mind and look forward to create a personal practice feel free to contact me! This type of work is gentle, inspiring and often profound. ⁠

For more info and to book your spot please contact:

Cost: 22 euro ⁠

Max people: 12⁠

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