CHARITY Oceancare CleanUp Run + Rooftop Flow

Lovely hotties, it’s the first of the month and we are continuing our little tradition and host a charity class for it!
This time it’s for the marine protection project Ozeankind.
For every participant we will donate 5€
Find more info:
We are so excited to team up with the lovely guys from Oceancare Retreat. This Berlin based initiative hosts regular CleanUp runs to help keep not only the city of Berlin clean but also helps to protect our oceans. Did you know that almost every piece of trash on the ground, even in cities, will eventually end up in the ocean. Rainwater and wind collect pieces of trash and lead them into the canals and rivers. All rivers flow into the ocean. So we need to treat our environment respectfully wherever we are.
Help us make Berlin a little cleaner. We meet at Spaces at 9:45 to bring your mats and bags up on to our rooftop. Then we will have a nice run to the canal in Kreuzberg to pick up trash. We are taking care of all hygienic measures for this. Thongs and gloves will be provided. After we return to Spaces there will be refreshments waiting for you to cool off. Finally we flow together Hotpod style to stretch out that runners hamstring. We are so looking forward to this. Please join and make it count!
Find more info on Oceancare Retreat here
and on Instagram @oceancare_retreat
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