Chakra Alchemy Dance

Not only the Sufi Mystics of Persia, also in the ancient temples of Egypt, Creece, India and Sumeria spiritual seekers used dance as a pathway to ecstatic states of community bonding, transformation and as communication tool with the divine.
Chakras are emotional energy centres and act as guideways through which we are given access to different dimensions of ourselves.
In this dance sessions we will cleanse and clear the Throat Chakra by purifying and aligning issues around our basic truth consciousness in the fifth Chakra, our sexual and creative energy in the second Chakra and our power and boundary issues in the third chakra.
In this Kundalini Dance experience, we will combine the raising of the Kundalini energy with opening to the unconditional love centre in the heart chakra. Working with both the Divine Feminine upward and Divine Masculine downward flows our alchemical practise creates balance between both energies and we create blissful, transformative stages of movement.
I will guide you through different rhythmic breath sequences, which are supportive of the activation of the specific chakra we are focusing on.
Each Chakra holds its specific wounding, emotions and gifts. When we have the courage to feel the wound, dance through it, the jewel is revealed and the healing can begin. Once all the chakras are activated and balanced we become very alive and radiant beings, connected well to self and others.

About the facilitator Chandana Manohara:
Chandana has been practicing Tao Tantra and other energy related body works like Chi Nei Tsang and Nuad Bo Rarn, Northern Style Thai Yoga Massage since many years and has embodied a deep passion for teaching these techniques in a powerful way, guiding women and men into awakening, healing and deeper connection to their feminine and masculine essence. She has gained profound knowledge and wisdom in these fields from a wide range of leading Taoist and Tantric Masters like Mantak Chia (The Multiorgasmic Man), Charles Muir, Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita and Osho. She also has been trained to become a Tao Tantric Facilitator trough attending, the Tao TantricTeacher Training with Shashi Solluna, Dhyan Niten and Minke de Vos in Thailand. Recently she has given her work some new direction, by taking part in a Priestess Initiation Journey in France and attending Arcana Courses on Hermetic Magnetism in London, deepening her Knowledge about ancient Inner Alchemy practices. Chandana is presently training with the international Grail Mystery School, the Fountain of Life with Seren and Dr. Azra Bertrand on the topics of womb Awakening and Sacred Union and completed successfully the Womb Awakening Spiral 2 Teacher Training in the UK. Now she is teaching the ancient Path of Womb Mysteries in her classes in Berlin. She has also just completed the Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training in Bali with Leyolah Antara, ever deepening her embodiment of Kundalini Shakti and is going to create a space for profound transformational ecstatic dance journeys and will soon host the first series of Kundalini Dance. The focus in her work lies strongly in the realm of Inner Alchemy, Kundalini Awakening, Hieros Gamos and the Healing of the split between the Sacred Masculine and Feminine and in supporting their return to Love, Balance and Harmony.
Applicants do not need to have any tantric experience, but it is suggested to have prior experience in meditation and some kind of spiritual practice.
The workshop is not suitable for women, who are taking drugs, including dope, drinking regularly alcohol or taking antidepressants, are mentally or chronically ill. As we are exchanging energy with our partners it’s important to attend with a pure energy field in order to archive high frequencies and blissful experiences.
All Workshop and Retreats are held in English and German Language.
What to bring:
Water bottel, comfortable, fresh clothes
Starting every evening at 20 o’ Clock. Come 15 minutes earlier, doors close promptly.
Location: Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg (Full address will be announced after registration).


A single evening costs 25 Euro

Registration: Send an email to

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