Boundaries for Healers Online Meetup

Being a healing practitioner full of empathy and compassion might be tough! You probably do like to feel that everyone around you is happy, while putting yourself first might be a foreign concept.

In this profession it’s easy to forget that boundaries are about making a conscious choice not to take on someone else’s stuff, not let that energy stick inside of us and consume us.

Setting boundaries and energetic protection are particularly important if you are a practitioner dealing with clients who come to you seeking support on a daily basis. Charging adequate prices for your services, for this subtle yet powerful energy work you’re doing – can be equally challenging, for multiple reasons. The truth is that it’s only from a place of balance and wholeness you can effectively help and assist others.

Let’s share our experiences and tips on how to overcome these challenges together in an online meetup next Thursday! <3

PRICE: FREE (but you can donate to healing sessions for communities in need ~
See you on ZOOM!

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