Blue Monkey Erntedank

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With enchanting ecstatic dance tunes by Ukik and ambient by Mikal Aton
Shamanic Gratitude Ceremony by Agneta Niemack
Heart opening kundalini yoga with Rabea Kiel
Sensual surprises by Die lustigen Glückshasen
Psychoactive harvest drink, raw cacao, pumpkin soup and healthy snacks by UHU – Urban Healing Unit

lease bring an offering for the harvest ritual: a stone, a nut or some herbs or flowers. And be on time if you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Do you know this cosy feeling when the lights are dimming and the days are getting shorter?

It’s time to harvest! The fields are golden, the wheat and corn is ripe. Nature is full with an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Not only for the people harvesting and tasting their actual fruits and veggies from the garden. The principle of harvest is about collecting all the fruits of our efforts and actions from this spring and summer. And there have been a lot of efforts and actions this year, don’t you agree?

The cycle started in January when we were making plans for 2019. In spring (Walpurgisnacht!) we gathered to sow the seeds for these new projects of ours. Throughout the summer we let them grow (with a lot of love, care and watering).

Now is the time to enjoy these fruits we have grown. And that’s what we’re going to do: gather in gratitude for all the abundance we have created and celebrate the harvest together!

Fun Fact of the Day:
October 2nd is also the day of the god Bacchus. He is the Roman wine, play and ecstasy loving archetype – the kind of god who really knows how to party! The Greek have Dionysos, the Romans Bacchus. A very similar concept to the Mayan quality of the Blue Monkey by the way which inspired our beloved monkey club…
So expect this Erntedank to come with quite a few extra Bacchian, Dionysian, Blue Monkeyish traits of playfulness and indulgence! By the way the following day, October 3rd, is a public holiday (Tag der Deutschen Einheit), so there is no need to go to bed early…

Monkey Program

18:30 Salon: Doors Open & Welcome by the Uhu Team
19:00 Nest: Kundalini Yoga w/Rabea Kiel
Yard: Sensual Surprise w/die lustigen Glückshasen
20:00 Yard: Shamanic Gratitude Ritual: Schamanisches Heilen & seelische Begleitung Agneta Niemack
20:45 Salon: UKIK
Nest: Mikal Aton
00:00 Yard: Closing

The opening, the gratitude ceremony and the closing will take place outside in the yard. We are going to gather in a circle around the tree. In case of bad weather we will move them inside.

Monkey Tickets

Super Early Monkey: 14€ (sold out)
Early Monkey: 16€ (sold out)
Regular Monkey: 18€

DOOR: 20€

Got No Mon(k)ey?

Get in touch early enough, maybe you can help preparing the event in exchange for the entry fee.

By the way, Erntedank, the German thanksgiving celebration, has been originally celebrated on differing dates, according to different harvest times throughout the country. The church in Germany later invented one centralised date for the Erntedank celebration (October 6th). As we are not identified with any church, we don’t stick to this date. We give thanks when we give thanks.


In order to sustain a safe space for monkeying around we ask you to respect the following guidelines:

1. Please treat yourself and others with respect and care
2. Please keep noble silence on the dance floor (chanting, sounding, monkey sounds are welcome though)
3. If you must say something during the dance say it with your body or give your friend a sign to move into the chill out room
4. Don’t stand around on the dancefloor. The dancefloor is for dancing!
5. Please smoke your monkey cigarettes outside!


Monkey Host:

Karolina is a Berlin-based conscious club space holder (Ecstatic Dance Open Air, The Blue Monkey) and kundalini yoga teacher (The Yog, UHU – Urban Healing Unit). A music lover, club kid and seeker for consciousness expansion since her early youth, she found her path in kundalini yoga, ayurveda, conscious dance and music, all powerful practices for transformation and healing. As a Blue Monkey maya sign her gift is the energy of lightness, play and magic. This energy she wants to give back to the world with all her heart.


You might have listened to her already at Fusion, Nowhere, Wilde Möhre or Agni Spirit Festival – UKIK is one of the hottest newcomers in the Berlin and European festival and conscious clubbing multiverse.

Originally stemming from a family of Japanese musicians, the acute sense for rhythm and melody must have been dormant in her genes from the very beginning. Sensing the clubbing crowd at any moment with her refined antenna, UKIK enchants us with her beautiful mixes of meditative soundscapes, fluffy downtempo, brazilian beats and hypnotizing house tracks.


I fell in love with Mikal‘s tunes at the legendary floor of Spitzmühle, somewhere between the sky and the stars and jumping into the deep black lake at night, all to the soundtrack of Mikal‘s beautifully melodic ambient sound.

He is the master of picking the most delicious tracks and sounds that go right into the heart and interweaving them skillfully to a set that makes you feel light and deep at the same time. He makes you dream, he makes you dance.

He is a resident at Something Slow and Urban Healing Unit and plays at the big and small German and international festivals like Garbisz Fusion, Plötzlich am Meer or Wanderfruit Thailand. At the Blue Monkey Erntedank he will play the ambient floor.

Monkey Shaman:

Agneta Niemack

At the heart of Agnetas work is the shamanic path. Initiated in the old wisdom and energetic healing techniques of the Q´eros people from the Andeans as well as European mystic teachings, she supports reconnecting to the soul’s essence and life forces in a powerful way through rituals, workshops and individual healing sessions.

Accompanying people in their processes, she combines her shamanic skills with psychological work and family constellations.

Calling the four cardinal directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky, she will open the Sacred Space of Ceremony, followed by a Shamanic Gratitude Ritual in which we build the Erntedank Altar together. Please bring a flower, herbs, a nut or a stone as an offering for the ritual.

Monkey Yogini:

Rabea Siri Amritdev Kaur

Rabea is a performance artist and a kundalini yoga teacher and calls her work ‘spiritual art’ and ‚social practice‘. Working in longterm art projects she puts her focus on social change though democratic art productions. As a yogini she is seeking the moment and fire of creativity as well as the most deepest connection to the intuition. She loves to lead her students to there full potential trough intensiv work with pranayama, effective kriyas and mind blowing meditations. While she is holding space for the alignment with the infinite as the loving power, to let the truth in everyone’s soul manifest itself as the ultimate source of felicity.

She is a passionate traveler, and has especially visit and worked in India.

For more information follow her on @rabea_kiel or @siriamritdev and



Surprise!!! 👯‍♀️


Can I bring my kid?

No. This is a child free event.

If your kid is 18+ they can of course come!

For families we recommend Ecstatic Dance Sunday or Tribal Gathering.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in! If you like to dance like a crazy monkey witch, make sure that you can move in your outfit! Lycra might be better than jeans – but its all up to you.

Will there be anything to eat and drink?

Urban Healing Unit provides yummy raw cacao, a special psychoactive Erntedank drink and a delicious Pumpkin soup made with love.

Please don’t bring own drinks! Hot and cool drinks are provided by Urban Healing Unit.

What about alcohol?

To honor Bacchus the Uhu offers a special Erntedank drink containing some psychoactive herbs.
However if you chose to try it please drink responsibly and take care of yourself and others.

What is The Blue Monkey all about?

As the 11th kin (energetic quality) of the maya calendar, Chuen or Ba’atz, the Blue Monkey stands for the lightness and playfulness of the child that is not yet conditioned by society. Open and innocent, it just follows its impulses.

It is this energy that served as inspiration for The Blue Monkey. A Monkey day is a good day for dance, music, play and monkeying around. For a “Conscious Carnival”, a space in which we can drop our societal masks and flow together. We feel that this energy of lightness and playfulness is needed very much in our world today. At the same time we want to keep it conscious and safe and and thus offer an alternative to Berlin’s regular club life that nourishes our need for ecstasy without the unbalanced overindulging.

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