Berlin Food Futures


Join us for conversations on alternative protein, food waste, supermarket co-ops, urban farming, and more practical solutions on the future of food.

The event, hosted by OpenIDEO Berlin Chapter, aspires to bring food innovators, experts, and enthusiasts together for an evening of meaningful dialogue on the future of food — specifically for urban lifestyles. It will be about exploring our evolving lifestyles and food system for generations to come.

If you are interested in food production, food waste, food business, and food consumption — this is an event for you. Sign up on Eventbrite now. Spaces are limited and will be closed off once we have reached the limit.

Food System Vision Prize by the Rockefeller Foundation is a $2 million prize for organisations creating a regenerative and nourishing food system by 2050. The winning submissions will participate in an Accelerator where they will have access to media and storytelling training and a global platform, in order to attract partners, connections, and other funder and philanthropic networks. For more information on the Food System Vision Prize by the Rockefeller Foundation, visit here:

18:45 — Doors Open
19:00 — Opening Presentation
19:30 — Lightning Talks
20:00 — Panel Discussion
21:00 — Conversation Catalysts
21:30 — Close

See Eventbrite for details.


DÖRRWERK – Jonas Bieber, CEO & Co-founder: Ever wonder what happens to all the ugly produce that doesn’t make it to the store shelves? They’re thrown away, which leads to a huge waste of resources. Here’s where DÖRRWERK & RETTERGUT come in — a rising star food startup in Berlin producing delicious snacks out of food-waste across a complex supply chain of farmers, middle-men, and retail stores.

SuperCoop – Robin Angelé, General Coordination: Grocery shopping is something we’ve done countless times in our lives and will continue to do so for a long time to come. But are the traditional models serving us well? SuperCoop has a simple mission: high quality & sustainable food at accessible prices through a cooperative supermarket where members take an active role in shaping the store they shop in.

MikroKosmos – Nicole Sartirani, Founder: As the world’s appetite for food grows, the stress on our traditional agricultural system grows as well. But there’s a whole world of food that has been unexplored by the masses — specifically the micro world of insects. MikroKosmos is a ‘growtainer’ that bridges the world of insects to those interested in exploring this alternative food source.

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    January 21, 2020 19.00
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    January 21, 2020 21.30
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