7 week Immersion into the Lunar Path – Online and On-Site Training

The Lunar Path is a spiritual journey into the mysteries of the universe. It is the feminine path of power, connected to the divine mother, the void, the dark matter, the womb of life, and the stars. It ‘s the Sacred Black Light who transforms everything into a new idea and a new beginning. To create Beauty, we need to let die our unconscious and destructive creations.
The Lunar Path is an Online and On-Site Training. It starts with a 6 week online Journey on 12th of April with guided meditations, weekly Zoom Calls for 3 hours, and useful Handouts to dive deep into the Teaching of the Star Priestess. After the Online Immersion, we have a 3-day intensive Retreat On-Site in Berlin (Thursday 20th – Sunday, 23rd of May at Frei & Sein, Berlin).
Part I: Initiation of the Pleiades
Part II: Dream work
Part III: Divination work
Part IV: Shadow & Underworld Work
Investment: 450,- Euro
It’s possible to pay in 2 installment Payment á 225,- Euro
Artwork by @alexisaronson
if you will continue with the Training, you will get 10% off the price.
The whole Training contains 3 Pillars of Teaching; the Lunar Path, the Solar Path and The Union.
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Annette Assmy is a filmmaker, a conscious Dream Teacher, a creative soul, a Mistress of Ceremonies and she is walking the path of an Earth Keeper; a Pampamesayok since 10 years. For her it is a heart wish to bring the soul nourishing Inca wisdom to the western world. She learned from The Four Winds Society, by Dr. Alberto Villoldo (http:// thefourwinds.com/) and she is certified in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine. She also learned directly from the peruvian shamans, so called Paqos at the Serena Anchanchu School in Holland (http://www.incashamanism.com/). She is initiated by them as a Pampa Mesayok; Keeper of the earth. Since 2013 she is giving Energy Healing Sessions and making group seminars (The Rite of the Womb and Munay-Ki etc.).
She is a certified Dream Teacher Trainer from the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. Her conscious Dreaming practice opened the Portals to the Egypt Mystery Schools. Since May 2019 she is a Member of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids). She finished her Bardic Grade and entered the Ovate Grade in the Celtic Wisdom Teaching. Since some months, she is learning from Sergio Magaña in the Toltec Wisdom Teaching. Her Healing Plant is the Sacred Cacao Deva. She is a Cacao Guardian trained by Cacao Mama.
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